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There are a handful of Asian countries whose citizens particularly value the potential for improving their looks and self-esteem by going under the knife.  There are also some other places that have simply taken the opportunity to cash in on the explosive growth of international patients seeking elective procedures overseas.  Whatever the case may be Thailand has a thriving cosmetic/plastic surgery network and has become a hotspot for that particular kind of treatment. Remember to check your Thai visa status before entering the country as you may need to stay longer than expected after any surgery in Thailand.

Plastic Surgery Thailand – Whats The Options

In Thailand, cosmetic plastic surgery centers abound, which makes sense.  Thais, particularly Thai women, place a high value on their appearance, which means there are customers aplenty for all the many facilities.  And with that, there’s lots of competition.  This has created a sort of buyers market for anyone looking for a nip or a tuck, especially for medical tourists who are converging on Bangkok in huge numbers to take advantage of the top-shelf doctors, state-of-the-art clinics, and low prices. The prices, case in point: abdominoplasty in Australia…$8,500 USD; abdominoplasty in Thailand…$3,500.  A buttock lift in America will set you back $11,000, and in Thailand, you can expect to reduce that figure by about $7-8,000 of that cost.  And the list goes on.  Just remember the following about cosmetic surgery in the Land of Smiles: tons of modern clinics and highly-skilled surgeons, not a lot of money.

But Is Surgery in Thailand Safe?

So the good news is that the Medical Tourism Industry continues to grow strongly in Thailand and as a result, there is fierce competition for Thailand Dental surgery and Thailand Plastic surgery however the questions still remain.

  • Are Thailand Surgeons as good as they are at home?
  • Are the Thailand Hospitals clean and safe as they are at home?

What a patient must be aware of is that not all cosmetic surgery in Thailand and dental surgery in Thailand is the same and not all Thailand Hospitals and Thailand Dentists are ‘par excellent’. Just like in your home country not every doctor and hospital is good and it is no different in Thailand. Substandard care can be found anywhere in the world however with some simple considerations you can have a perfect result in Thailand.

Thai girls – They love plastic surgery !

More and more people are traveling to Thailand to obtain inexpensive dental surgery and plastic surgery however it is amazing the number ofThailand’s government, as does your home country, has a regulatory system for the registration of Thailand’s Plastic Surgeon and this should be one of your major considerations when considering your surgeon. Any medical operation carries a risk hence the question that must be asked is will you obtain surgery as safe and of the same quality as home?  The answer is yes, but only if you use a Tier 1 hospitals and a leading surgeon. In fact many past patients indicate that the hospital care they receive in Thailand was actually better than anything they have experienced at home.

Breast Augmentation Bangkok – Very Popular

The leading hospitals in Thailand actually benchmark their standards against the best hospitals in Australia and America. Additionally, many hospitals have accreditation with international organization Joint Commission International that deals with practice requirements such as clinical laboratory, care continuum, disease care, and patient safety goals. Joint Commission International accreditation does not guarantee a good surgeon or surgical outcome.  It deals with compliance. Using a hospital that has JCI Accreditation does not establish that you are obtaining the most important requirement – an excellent surgeon however you should consider JCI accreditation as a minimum requirement of the hospital you attend.

Google Is Your Friend – Check

Also consider Safety of your money. Leading Hospitals do not ask to be pre-paid before you attend the hospital.  Do not pay the hospital until you have had your consultation with your surgeon, seen the facilities and you are 100% comfortable with proceeding.

Medical Clinics are slightly cheaper than Tier 1 Hospital but in the case of an emergency, it is best to be located in a hospital with absolutely every facility available. Our advice is to avoid Medical Clinics and the lesser hospitals for plastic surgery and as a result of ONLY using the Leading hospitals we firmly believe you should not have medical problems like you read about in the press and on TV. Good luck!

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