Read Schengen visa Label

Fantastic news you have your Schengen visa for traveling to Europe. But you don’t understand the how to read Schengen visa label inserted into the passport? Let us help, below we explain each entry as it appears on the visa label.


Valid for: Territories where the Schengen visa is valid for :


  • If the words “SCHENGEN COUNTRIES” appear on your visa, you are authorized to enter the Schengen area (France, as well as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic);

Read Schengen Visa Label Inserted In Your Passport Correctly


  • If codes for Schengen countries appear, then the visa is valid only for the countries they refer to: A (Austria), B (Belgium), CH (Switzerland), CZE (Czech Republic), D (Germany), DK (Denmark), E (Spain), EST (Estonia), F (France), FIN (Finland), GR (Greece), H (Hungary), I (Italy), IS (Iceland), L (Luxembourg), LT (Lithuania), LVA (Latvia), M (Malta), N (Norway), NL (Netherlands), P (Portugal), PL (Poland), S (Sweden), SK (Slovakia), SVN (Slovenia);
  • If the words “SCHENGEN COUNTRIES” appear, followed by a minus sign in brackets and the codes of certain member countries, then the visa is valid for the entire Schengen area except for the country(ies) that is(are) mentioned levitra cijena
  •  If the words “FRANCE + ONE SCHENGEN TRANSIT” appear, the visa authorizes you to transit through only one Schengen country in order to reach France;
  • If the word “FRANCE” appears, the visa authorizes entry only into French territory;
  •  If the words “OVERSEAS DEPARTMENT (FRANCE)” appear, the visa authorizes you to enter only the Department(s) indicated under “Remarks.”


From: Date on which you are authorized to enter the Schengen area Thai Visa Forum.


To: Date on which you must leave the Schengen area. Consequently, these two dates indicate the period during which your visa is valid (and not the length of the authorized stay).


Type of visa :


Either “A”: Airport transit visa (this visa does not allow you to leave the “international” zone or the “customs” zone of the airport)


Either “C”: A short-stay visa (a stay of fewer than 90 days)Either “D”: Long-stay visa (a stay in France of more than three months)


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