Refused A UK Visa

Refused a UK visa?

There are lots of reasons applicants get refused a UK visa. If a settlement visa is refused, then there is a right of appeal against the decision, but there is no right of appeal against the refusal of a visit visa. Some of the main reasons for refusal, in visit visa applications, are :

  • Inadequate, or insufficient, documentation.
  • Lack of evidence of a reason to travel.
  • Lack of backup documentation, that is a lack of evidence to back up any claims you make.
  • Poor preparation of the application.
  • Poor advice from friends, and sometimes from visa agents.
  • Lack of evidence of a relationship with the UK sponsor.

Making simple Errors On The Application Form

Lack Of Evidence Of Reasons To Return To Thailand

Lack of evidence of reasons to return to Thailand is probably the most common reason most people get refused a UK tourist visa. The Entry Clearance Officer is looking for evidence that you will return to Thailand after any visit to the UK.

If you have been refused a visa for the UK, then we may be able to help. We specialize in dealing with applications that have been refused, and we can inform you if there any possibility of getting the refusal decision overturned, or if there is the possibility of appealing against the decision. If there is no possibility of overturning the refusal decision, and if it requires a fresh application, then we will give you an honest opinion.

Refused A UK Visa – Settlement Visas Still Have The Right Of Appeal

At the present time, there is still a right of appeal against the refusal of a settlement visa, but that is likely to end soon. The new Immigration Act 2014 removes that right of appeal. We can also help if you have been refused a settlement visa, and we specialize in the current financial requirements of the immigration rules which can be complicated to understand..

With Any UK Visa Application – Many People Get Refused A UK Visa

Nobody can tell you that need to use an agent to help with your application, and many people make successful applications when they have done the application themselves. But, there are times when an agent can help you with a complicated or difficult application, for instance when the applicant has already had a visa refused for the UK or another country. In those situations, an agent’s advice can be extremely helpful, as they will have done many similar applications before. You need to bear in mind that not all agents give good, or even correct, advice, even when their advertising claims that they are the best. Always seek advice from an agent who is registered with the OISC in UK (the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner ) as they are registered with the UK government as qualified immigration advisors. We are, of course, OISC, registered.

If Your Thai Wife OR Thai Girlfriend Has Been refused A UK Visa Contact US!

If you have been refused a visa, then we are happy to have a look at the Notice of Refusal ( the form GV51), and let you know what we think can be done click here for further details.

Useful information if you have been refused a UK Visa :

An appeal against a visa or immigration decision

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