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If you’re considering a Schengen visa for your Thai wife or Thai girlfriend to join you in your home country, then choosing your visa or immigration consultant is one of the most critical decisions you may ever make. At Thai Visa Express, we utilize our wide expertise in several areas to help meet your requirements and facilitate a successful European Union visa application for your partner or family members in Thailand. We offer an enviable visa service for all clients from the European Union wishing to apply for a visa to Europe, commonly known as the Schengen visa. If you are looking for a visa to Europe for a Thai citizen, contact us. These are very similar to a UK tourist visa application; the main difference is the length of stay and the fact that you need a visa and travel insurance.


How to Get a Short-Term EU Visa in 7 Easy Steps:



1. Prepare 2 passport photos.
2. Ensure you have a valid passport.
3. Obtain valid medical insurance.
4. Provide proof of sufficient financial means.
5. Pay the Schengen Visa Fee.
6. Arrange an airline ticket itinerary.
7. Book accommodation at a hotel.


Every client is significant and important to us, and our paramount objective is your peace of mind. We value all our customers, and we are extremely proud that you have selected our company to work for you and obtain the Thai Schengen visa you require. Thai Visa Express immigration consultants are trained to deliver exceptional visa services in a professional and prompt manner.We match your needs to meet the prerequisites of the embassy to avoid your application being refused or undergoing any unnecessary delays.


There are currently 26 European countries in the Schengen Area, all sharing a common visa policy. The 26 “Schengen States” include Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden, along with the three associated countries Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. If a person receives a Schengen Visa for any of the above-mentioned states, he/she will be able to travel freely to all 26 participating countries without the need to acquire individual visas. Further details and useful information about the Schengen Area can be found here: Wikipedia Schengen Area.


Types of Schengen Visa Issued


There are different types categorised as ‘classes’ of the Schengen visa. At Thai Visa Express, we can help you successfully achieve the following classes of the Schengen visa for your Thai wife or Thai girlfriend:

1. Schengen Tourist Visa
– Short-stay visa (Type “C”): This visa is issued for one, two, or several visits. Its period of validity varies, allowing stays that do not exceed three months over a six-month period.


2. Schengen Visa for Family Members
– Long-term national visa (Type “D”): This visa is required for applicants who wish to stay longer than 90 days for the purpose of permanent migration with their Thai wife or Thai girlfriend.


Our fully managed Schengen Visas service at Thai Visa Express includes:


1. Personalised Assistance: We provide personalised assistance throughout the visa application process.

2. Document Preparation: Our team assists you in preparing all necessary documents required for your Schengen visa application.

3. Application Submission: We handle the submission of your visa application to the appropriate embassy or consulate.

4. Appointment Booking: We assist in booking appointments for visa interviews or biometric data collection, if required.

5. Follow-up and Updates: We keep you updated on the progress of your visa application and follow up with the embassy or consulate on your behalf.

6. Expert Guidance: Our experienced immigration consultants offer expert guidance and advice tailored to your specific situation.

7. Peace of Mind: With our fully managed service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Schengen visa application is in capable hands.


Understanding the 90/180 Day Rule is crucial for applicants seeking Schengen visas for their Thai spouses or partners. This rule dictates that within any 180-day period, individuals can spend a maximum of 90 days in the Schengen Area. Whether applying for a short-stay visa (Type “C”) for occasional visits or a long-term national visa (Type “D”) for extended stays exceeding 90 days, adherence to this rule is essential. To calculate your stay and ensure compliance with this rule, you can use the Schengen Visa calculator provided by VisaGuide.World. This tool helps you track your days spent in the Schengen Area and plan your travel accordingly, avoiding any visa overstays or violations.


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