The Secret To Dating Thai Girls Part 1

The secret to dating Thai girls part 1 – my advice. If you’re interested in dating a Thai woman, you’re reading the right guide. Learningthe ins and outs of dating a Thai woman can whack away hours of frustration, misunderstandings, and anxiety. Like any other woman, Thai women want someone to love, cherish, and take care of them. While Thailand is infamous for its bar girls and nightclubs, there are many Thai women who uphold their values and morals. As you’re learning the ropes of dating a Thai woman, you’ll probably grow confused by their ways. As a general rule, Thai women are polite and non-confrontational. For Western men that may translate as suspiciously quiet and even insincere, but it’s far from the truth.


Thai culture believes if you have something hurtful or negative to say, it’s better to keep it to yourself. In fact, Thai people can come across as overly polite to the point of stiffness. But understand it’s natural to their culture and any displays of extreme emotions is looked down upon and avoided in Thai culture.


Keep in mind that the average Thai girl is actually more conservative than a westerner. She will not sleep with you on the first date, as it’s considered very negative to be seen as sexually promiscuous. So always treat your data with respect, honor, and love. That means don’t try to make any sexual advances on the first, second, or even third date.


It should be mentioned that there is a problem of prejudice in Thailand. If a Thai woman is seen walking alongside her boyfriend or husband, many people assume she’s a bar girl. It doesn’t matter how much she loves him, people will think what they want to think. It’s best to just ignore them and always be discreet and courteous.


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