The Secret To Dating Thai Girls Part 2

The secret to dating Thai girls part 2 hopefully, you’ve already ready part ( click here ), and you’re ready to further educate yourself about dating Thai girls. Assuming you’ve already been on a couple of dates already, this guide focuses on building a relationship and trust with your Thai partner.


It’s always a good idea to treat your lady to small gifts such as flowers, chocolate, a book, or even chilis. You don’t need to go all out and treat her to expensive gifts, but just something simple that shows her you care. If she expects any expensive gifts, she’s probably not the kind of girl you’re interested in.


You also want to keep your dates interesting and find places to go where you both feel comfortable. Treat her to her favorite food or go to her favorite restaurant. Despite their thin figures, Thai women love to eat. As your partner gets more comfortable with you, expect her to pick less at her food and actually enjoy it more.


The good thing about dating Thai women is that you can almost always trust them. If you’re suspicious of any disloyalty because of your past relationships, don’t be afraid. If you’re not dating a bar girl, then the chances of your Thai partner being disloyal is slim to none.


Besides all the social etiquette covered in the first guide, there’s really no big difference between dating a Thai girl and a western one. The real difference comes down to culture and heritage. But a Thai woman is undoubtedly a woman, meaning she will love and dislike the same things many other women do.


Learning how to date a Thai woman is not that much different than learning how to date any woman in fact. Thai women still have needs, wants, dreams, and desires like any other woman even if they are portrayed as more feminine and sensual. Some guys look to take them home to their country visas for Thai citizens  this can be a lengthy process & expensive always a hire a visa expert to handle this


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