Settlement Visa For Thai Wife

5 Tips To Develop a Solid Relationship While You Wait for a Settlement Visa to the UK

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain.  After all, the essence of a relationship is spending time with each other.  And when you’re living in different countries, you can’t spend that much time together.  You can’t go on dates to movies or dinner.  You can’t take leisurely walks in the park.  You can’t even spend a quiet evening at home with your Thai wife.  You have to do all these things by yourself and you only get to talk to your girlfriend for a limited amount of time every day.  What can you do to make sure that the two of you don’t drift apart while you waiting to apply for a settlement visa?

  1. Call Every day.  It’s really necessary to touch base at least once a day.  Even if you’re just calling to say hi, your girlfriend will appreciate it.  Let her know that you miss her and that you’re looking forward to seeing her.  Women never tire of hearing things like that.  You may not think there’s much point to repeating the same things over and over but sometimes, a person does need to be reminded about your feelings on a regular basis. These are the things you must do whilst awaiting your UK Visa to be issued.
  2. Share Everyday Details.  This is yet another thing that men tend not to do too much.  You may not have a great day every day at work.  Maybe you run into some snags or have arguments with people.  Maybe you feel like you’re not being heard.  Feel free to talk about all this to your girlfriend even if it isn’t all positive.  She’ll appreciate the fact that you’re telling her about your life and valuing her opinion.
  3. Be a Good Listener.  Sharing everyday details about yourself is one thing.  You also have to be a good listener.  Encourage your girlfriend to talk about whatever’s on her mind.  And don’t start presenting solutions right away.  Let her work things out for herself.  If she asks your opinion, you can give it but don’t try to take charge of her life completely.
  4. Be Open About What You Want out of Life.  If you and your girlfriend are applying for a settlement visa, that means that you’re planning to spend the rest of your life together.  So make sure you tell her what you want to do with your life eventually.  Are you planning to stay in your career?  Do you want children?  These are important things to know before you tie the knot.
  5. Be Considerate.  Sometimes, the little things matter a lot more than the big ones.  Sure, your wife or girlfriend will appreciate a gift of expensive jewelry or a luxurious vacation.  But what she’ll value even more is your being considerate about little things.  Call her when you know she’s free.  Help her with her settlement visa paperwork.  Send her books to practice her English.  Read her favorite authors or watch her favorite movies.  Do all this and she’ll love you for a lifetime!

These are some great ways to keep your long-distance relationship going with your partner if you are looking to apply for a Settlement visa  for your Thai wife.  Contact us for more information about settling in the UK as man and wife.

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