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Thai Dating Sites – Which Site Is Best !

Thai dating sites, a common fault with most guys starting out to find their first Thai girlfriend dating partner is they are rarely ever truthful with themselves. Unfortunately, that flows on to being I’m truthful with who they contact. This is just human nature. We all would like to be seen as better than who we are, right now. But if you’re going to find the right person (for yourself) then they need to be attracted and see who you really are. I joined my first Thai dating site in 2012 & I have experience of dealing with Thai females with my tips and advice you can’t go wrong hopefully!

Ego – Drop it Thai Girls Don’t Like It !

This is probably more common with guys than it is with ladies. Many men think of themselves as the typical alpha male. And this comes from the point of ego – that’s a negative personality trait, by the way. We would all like to think we’re better than the other guy. Women, on the other hand (and especially Thai girls), are attracted to guys that just be themselves, without egotistical attitudes.

Stop Being Impatient – Join Thai Dating Sites For Fun!

We live in a world that is fast paced. Well, not here in Thailand! We all want to reach our goals as soon as we can. If not sooner. Through my many years, impatience is one of the worst things you can have, in finding the right person for you. It takes time to discover who the other person really is, on the inside. The same goes for the initial dates. Take your time. Have fun. Explore and share with each other. Understand your values and you’re worth. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that patience really is a virtue!

Have patience when dating Thai ladies  it is important to understand the general Thai customs and expectations before moving forward with them.

Disrespect – Thai People Don’t Like To Lose Face!

Within Thailand, the religion of Buddhism plays are very important role in everyone’s lives. And the main values that flow from Buddhism are respect, self-control and being non-confrontational towards others. So respect plays high in everyone’s way of life. There’s a common misunderstanding (outside of Thailand) that many men think it is ok to show Thai women a low level of respect and this is just wrong. The female population of Thailand are cute, hard-working and have beautiful souls. As with any other human being on the planet, you have a duty of care to show any Thai woman that you’re interested in dating, the respect that she deserves.

The people of Thailand are a gentle people, which is a characteristic that many Western men will find initially foreign and it is a learning that is of utmost importance if you have any notion to settle down with Thai girlfriends.

Start Slow and Be a Winner!

As we already mentioned, Thai culture is non-confrontational towards others. This is especially true with all your future Thai girlfriends! The western attitude and the western fast paced lifestyle tends to come across as pushy and rushed. Make a mental note right now that you will certainly be a Dating Superman by taking things in an easy and relaxed way, so you’ll have a good understanding of who that other person is. And remember: Your first Thai girl online date may eventually not be right for you but it is important that you take the time for your own benefit as well yourself.Be a dating winner by being slow and steady.

Have More Than One – Take Your Time When Dating Thais!

The cool part of justice in the online dating scene is you’re no longer having to deal with only one dating potential like you’ve been used to in the pub and club scene, in real life. Online Dating websites like Thai Romances makes it easy to communicate and connect with more than one dating partner. You still need to show patience and respect with each one but understand you’ve got 24 hours in every day and even being a 55-year-old guy such as myself, I’ve had days where I make contact and chat with five or more gorgeous Thai ladies. Just don’t overload yourself and get lost with who you’re connecting with. Take decent notes so you know who you’re talking to and the history of your chats and you will be an online dating superstar, achieving better and faster results in the online dating scene. Good luck.

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