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Thai dating sites are a great way to meet your future Thai wife or girlfriend if you put the effort in. With so many sites on the internet, you are bound to meet plenty of Thai girls Thai Cupid  &  Thai Friendly is another good site to meet Thai women. Just like any relationship, learning about your significant other takes time, effort, and patience.  However, all of that is magnified when you and your partner are from different parts of the world. The internet is awash with Thai dating sites where you can meet and interact with Thai ladies.

Here are some ideas for embracing your Intercultural relationship before you join any Thai dating site :


1.  Learn about each of your cultures and values.  This is a widespread area to cover.  In any new relationship, you would ask questions about their childhood, family, and previous relationships.  However, in an intercultural relationship, you also need to learn about social customs, beliefs, and attitudes in order to better understand one another. If you meet your future wife on a Thai dating site one thing for sure Thai women love their food that is for sure.


  • Start off with cuisine.  Taste it, and then show each other how to cook your favorite dishes.
  • Learn holiday traditions and celebrate them together.
  • Study the political history of their homeland because this will influence their life experiences and help you know where they are coming from.
  • Find out about core beliefs as this will influence their personality and actions.


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2.  Communicate.  Communication is an issue in every relationship, but many intercultural relationships face actual language barriers.

  • Make an effort to learn your partner’s language.  Either get a book or some type of program to speed your learning.
  • Another option is to choose one language that you will both speak together.


Regardless of which language you choose to use in your home, your communication efforts need to based on love, mutual support, sincerity, and understanding.  You need to use communication to find out about your partner instead of making assumptions based on stereotypes or preconceived ideas.  Assuming is a recipe for disaster in all relationships.


3.  Respect differences.  Understand that differences are going to occur, but they don’t have to become divisive.  You must be patient with one another. Celebrate the differences.  View this as an opportunity to grow and learn from each other.  Don’t expect your sweetheart to abandon cherished cultural parts of her identity.  Yes, compromise will be important but also allow each other to retain some differences.


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4.  Look for what you have in common.  Find what you share and focus on that.  Maybe you both enjoy an activity.  Do that together.  Perhaps you share core values like honesty, respect, hard work, and service. Acknowledge that.All relationships require dedication and focused attention to thrive.  Your intercultural relationship will be a unique journey that can help you explore parts of yourself you were unaware of.  You can learn to support each other and have a healthy relationship. As you focus on embracing your intercultural relationship, allow us to process your visa application.  


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