Thai Girlfriend Experiences

Thai Girlfriend Experiences

Thai Girlfriend Experiences. Anyone who has lived in Thailand or probably just visited the country will probably have plenty of stories to tell about the local Thai girls, some good, and some bad no doubt. Like girls you would find anywhere in the world, Thai girls are all very different and it probably depends very much on her own life experiences as to how she will react to you. Her home life, her upbringing, her education, and her job will all influence how she responds to you.

For instance, if you meet a  Thai who works for a large company, speaks good English, and is well educated, the chances are she will have had very different life experiences to a Thai bargirl. This certainly doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, it just means their outlook is likely to be different. So, if you are lucky enough for one of these Thai girls to want to be your Thai girlfriend, you will need to have some understanding of how she thinks and how she operates.

You won’t need to be in Thailand very long, or Asia for that matter to realize that money is a very important factor in their lives. This is part of the culture and they don’t see anything wrong with it, whereas we might be slightly embarrassed – they aren’t! Another big factor with your Thai girlfriend will be the issue of saving face. This is once again something heavily engrained in Asian culture where getting something wrong, not understanding something or doing something wrong is hugely embarrassing to an extent that your Thai girl may lie to save face. Hugely frustrating, but not something that you are likely to change.

However, many people who have taken their Thai girlfriend to the UK have commented on the fact that she has quickly adapted to the lifestyle. Obviously, she will need the correct visa and if she is your girlfriend, this would be a UK tourist visa. When she gets to the UK, the Thai love of traveling will no doubt come to the fore and she will be extremely keen to experience new things and see all the sights, so make sure that you are prepared and have time to show her around.

If it is your Thai girlfriend’s first visit to the UK, it is likely that she will find the whole experience quite daunting. Remember, her life experiences will be very different as we mentioned in the beginning and she will not have experienced the level of urgency especially if she had previously been working in a bar. Be considerate and show her respect and she will soon settle, do the opposite, and you both could have quite an unpleasant experience for the duration of her stay. Just think about how much of a shock Thailand was for you when you first visited, the same is true for her now.

If all goes well, which it usually does, you may be thinking about taking your relationship to the next level and getting legally married so that she can come and live in the UK. If this is the case, you will need a UK Marriage Visa and we recommend speaking to a professional visa consultant who will be able to guide you through the process.

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