Thai Girlfriend Problems

Thai Girlfriend Problems

If you have a Thai girlfriend, you will no doubt have experienced a few teething problems along the way! Yes, Thai girls can be a little volatile and jealous, but there are often other reasons that may lead to issues that you may not encounter with a girl from your home country. Here are five of the most common reasons:


  • Cultural Misunderstandings: It cannot be overstated that the differences in British and Thai culture are enormous. You will no doubt make some errors, but you should try to get your Thai girlfriend to help you understand what you have done wrong.


  • Language Barriers: This usually happens because you don’t understand each other properly and things “get lost in translation”.


  • Visas: This will affect you more than your girlfriend. Obtaining Thai visas can be stressful, and she may not appreciate the lengths that you have to go to.


  • Money—the old favorite! Thai girls always want more money and will often resort to the most elaborate of lies to pull at your heartstrings. However, often this pressure comes from the family rather than the girl herself.


  • Family and Friends Influence: Family and friends may be jealous or demand that she extract more money from you because “this is what they get”. Most of this is untrue and puts considerable strain on your girlfriend, too.



What can you do about it?


One solution may be to take your Thai girlfriend to the UK. Here she will get the opportunity to see things a little bit more from your point of view and understand some of the things that you experience. Girls that have become a little more westernised tend to be easier to get along with as they have more worldly experiences. It will help reduce cultural, language, and even family and friend problems. Also, it may help cement your relationship and make you appreciate that we all have to work for a living.


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