Thai girlfriend refused UK visa

Thai girlfriend refused UK visa

It’s unfortunate to hear that your Thai girlfriend’s UK visa application was refused. Visa refusals can happen for various reasons, including insufficient documentation.At Thai Visa Express, we understand the disappointment and frustration that come with a refusal. As registered UK immigration consultants based in Thailand, we specialise in providing expert advice and assistance for UK visa applications.


Unlike travel agents, who may offer limited immigration advice, our focus is solely on immigration matters. We are committed to offering personalised guidance tailored to your specific situation, helping you address the reasons for the refusal, and improving the chances of success upon reapplication.If your partner has been refused a UK visa,. There is no reason why an applicant should not do their own visa application, but, on occasion, applications are refused, and the applicant then needs to seek advice. Some of the main reasons that visit visas are refused are :


  • Inadequate, or insufficient, documentation. It’s not enough, for instance, to say that you have a job. You will need to show evidence of that.
  • Lack of a reason to travel If you are asking for a visa to visit family or friends or to visit places in the UK, then you must provide evidence of that. If, for instance, you are going to attend a family wedding, then provide such evidence as a wedding invitation.
  • A lack of backup documentation is a lack of evidence to back up any claims you make. If you say that you speak with your boyfriend/girlfriend on the phone every day, then provide evidence, such as call records or chat apps.
  • Poor preparation of the application. Entry Clearance Officers have only limited time to deal with your visa application, perhaps 10 minutes. So, make it easy for him by indexing your documents, or putting them in clear plastic wallets so that he can see what is there.


Many individuals claim to be visa experts, but it’s crucial to exercise caution when seeking advice from visa agents in Thailand. Unfortunately, some may provide incorrect information. Before engaging the services of a visa agency, it’s essential to conduct due diligence. Remember, Google can be a valuable tool in researching the reputation and credibility of visa agencies. Ensure you thoroughly review their credentials, client testimonials, and any relevant reviews to make an informed decision. Your visa application is too important to leave to chance, so take the time to choose a reputable and reliable agency that can provide accurate advice and assistance tailored to your needs.


  • Poor advice from friends, and sometimes from visa agents. Everyone has a story about how easy it is to get a visa for your girlfriend, or how difficult it is. Bad advice is usually free! But, you can also get free, good advice from agents like ourselves who offer a free consultation. Always try to get your advice from an agent who has been registered with the OISC, in the UK, to give immigration advice, as this means that they have passed an exam to obtain registration. There aren’t many OISC registered agents in Thailand, and we are the only one in Pattaya.
  • Lack of evidence of a relationship with the UK sponsor. There is no legal obligation for an applicant to have, or to prove, a relationship with their UK sponsor, but it is always good to do so if you are going to the UK to see or stay with a friend or relative. So, photos, letters, emails, etc, are good evidence that you really do know each other.
  • Making simple errors on the application form. Check the application form before it is submitted online. The law allows you to correct any simple errors, in the online application, on the printed hard copy of the application form before it is submitted, so making an error on the online form is not necessarily fatal!


Many visa refusals stem from factors such as the applicant lacking assets and ties to Thailand, being unemployed, or having minimal family connections, among others. In some instances, applicants may have little to no chance of obtaining a visitor’s visa and may not be suitable candidates to apply in the first place.It’s crucial for applicants to assess their circumstances realistically before initiating the visa application process. If an applicant lacks the necessary qualifications or ties to their home country, it may be prudent to reconsider applying for a visitor’s visa at that time.


  • Lack of evidence of reasons to return to Thailand. This is really the most common reason for visit visa refusals. The Entry Clearance Officer wants to see, or have evidence of, your reasons to return to Thailand after a visit to the UK. Often this is not easy to show, and that is where an agent’s experience can help. But, do be wary of any agent who offers to provide “evidence” of reasons to return that is not true. For instance, evidence of a job which you don’t have! The Embassy can, and often do, check such evidence, and if they find out it is false, then you will probably end up with a 10-year ban on future UK visit visa applications!
  • When can you re-apply for a UK tourist visa? If your Thai girlfriend refused UK visa , you can re-apply immediately, but you must address the previous reason for refusal of entry clearance. Has the circumstances of the visa applicant changed, Was a mistake made by the ECO at the British embassy in Bangkok? Sometimes this happens levitra cijena.


We can offer you a free visa assessment, take a look at the GV51 (visa refusal notice) & give you an honest assessment. We operate on an initial deposit only & a balance on the issue of the visa, contact us for further information


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