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What should you expect to get From a relationship with a Thai Girl?

After thorough research, we embarked on the journey to obtain a holiday visa for my Thai girlfriend, allowing her to stay for up to 3 months. Our initial step was to apply for a Thai passport in Pattaya, where we found a new office conveniently located next to the Avenue Mall in Soi 15. It took approximately 10-15 working days to receive her passport back.


Subsequently, we delved into our homework by visiting the official embassy websites in Bangkok. It was during this process that we discovered visa applications had been outsourced to a company called VFS Thailand. Understanding this, we diligently gathered our documents and submitted them at VFS, which services most embassies in Thailand. Seeking insights from individuals who had previously applied for a Thai girlfriend visa in Thailand, we explored various forums to understand their experiences and the visa procedures.


However, our optimism waned as we encountered reports of Thai citizens facing travel issues and many Thai girlfriends experiencing visa refusals to the UK and Australia. Assessing the visa system’s criteria, we realized that without certain qualifications, such as assets, employment, education, family ties, or previous immigration history, the prospects seemed bleak. Complicating matters further, my Thai girlfriend had none of these qualifications. Faced with these challenges, we contemplated whether professional assistance from a visa agent was necessary, especially considering the stigma associated with meeting my partner in a Pattaya bar.


Ultimately, we decided to seek guidance from a registered adviser. After some effort, we found one who advised us to follow a specific set of steps:


1. Secure employment for 6 months in a hotel.
2. Provide evidence of regular communication, such as phone records and chat logs.
3. Offer evidence of financial support.
4. Demonstrate strong family ties.
5. Provide evidence of two previous visits.


Upon consultation, the visa agency conducted thorough research and reached out to my girlfriend’s family. Surprisingly, we discovered that her mother owned over 11 Rai of land in Chiang Mai. With their assistance, her mother transferred a Rai of land into my girlfriend’s name, thereby providing her with an asset to return to. We patiently waited for the full 6 months before proceeding with the application for the UK Tourist visa. Some of the documents we submitted included:

  • Passport
  • Tabian Baan (house registration)
  • Evidence of strong family ties
  • Letter from her employer
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of accommodation in the UK


We submitted my Thai girlfriend’s visa application on a Friday in Bangkok with the assistance of agents who escorted her to VFS UK to apply for the visa. They efficiently filled in the online visa application forms, booked all the necessary appointments, and paid the visa fee on our behalf. Our initial investment was a mere 5000 THB. However, I couldn’t help but wonder how these agents were turning a profit given the costs involved, including transport expenses and business overheads such as staff wages.


Despite my initial scepticism about their business model, the agents operated on a scenario where we deposited 10,000 THB upfront and agreed to pay the remaining balance of 25,000 THB once the visa was issued. This arrangement assured us that if the visa was not granted, we wouldn’t incur any further fees.


Using a visa agency in Thailand offered several benefits:


1. Saved my airfares: By utilising the services of the agency, we avoided the need for me to travel back and forth between Bangkok and my location, saving on airfare expenses.
2. Saved my work holidays: I was able to continue working without the need to take time off to handle the visa application process myself.
3. Convenience: Instead of navigating the complexities of the visa application process and running around Bangkok to gather documents, all I had to do was pick her up and take her home with me once the visa was issued.


After submitting the visa application, we endured an anxious 12 working days, marked by many sleepless nights. However, our anxiety turned to relief when we received the call confirming that the visa had been issued, allowing her to travel immediately.



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