Thailand Passport – 3 Easy Steps To Get A Passport

Thailand passport

Thailand passport & how to apply for a passport in Thailand, the process is fairly simple to follow our 3 step guidance.

Step 1

  • Valid Thai citizens ID card, this should have a 12 -digit id number. You must also bring the house blue book plus other official documents.
  • Take a queue number at the local Thai passport office, fill in the applicant’s name, date of birth, place of birth

Step 2

  • A passport officer measures the applicant’s height, captures the applicant’s biometric data information, this includes taking the applicant’s photograph and fingerprints.
  • They will verify to certify the applicant’s information is correct.
  • Apply for EMS postage service

Step 3

  • Pay the Thai passport fee.
  • get a receipt in some cases the applicant can use Ems to deliver the new passport.
  • Processing times for Thai passports is 3 – 10 days only


What About Lost & Stolen Thai Passports – What The Process?


Lost your Thailand passport, you must get a police report before you apply for a new travel document.


Thailand Passport Offices – Locations Across Thailand


Map & guidance to the various locations, where to submit my passport application in Thailand – Thai passport Office

Pattaya’s first passport office opens –  Thai passport office location in Pattaya


How Much Does It Cost  – Thailand Passport fees (2017) 


  • e-Passport application fee  : 1,000  Baht
    postage service (EMS ) fee :    35  Baht


Did You Realize This – We Have 4 Different Types Of Thai Passport?


Standard Thai passport


This is for Thai citizens & the most common passport valid for 5 years.


Dark blue passport


This is for official government use only.


Red cover

  1. Close relatives of the king
  2. The royal family
  3. Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and Ministers.
  4. House Speaker and Deputy House Speaker, Top Administrator and President of the Senate.
  5. President of the Supreme Court, Vice-President of the Supreme Court, and President of the Court of Appeal
  6. President of the Constitutional Court and President of Administrative Court
  7.  Ex-Prime Minister and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
  8. Supreme Commander and Army Commander
  9. A diplomat who has a diplomatic mission aboard
  10. A diplomat who works in a foreign country, his/her spouse and child/children who live and/or studies in that country, age of children should not be over 25 years old
  11.  A spouse who accompanies a person specified in numbers 2-8
  12.  Any person who works for the benefits of the Thai government or is under Obligations between countries or if it is necessary or builds a reputation for Thailand in the world.


Green Cover

This is a temporary passport – 2 years validity. Issued for Thai monks & Hajj passports issued to Thai Muslims


How Do I get Thai citizenship?


In all cases you will also have to meet the following conditions to apply for Thai citizenship: An applicant must have lived in Thailand continuously, for a minimum of five years before applying for Thai citizenship. Must be a permanent resident & be  18 years old.


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