Thailand to Introduce “Double Tourist Visa”

Thailand Double Entry Tourist Visa

With tourist numbers being well below anticipated levels in 2019 with occupancy rates in Pattaya believed to be down by around 20%, Thailand is doing all it can to encourage the tourists to come flooding back. A leading government figure revealed to Thai Visa that the country would be introducing a “Double Entry Tourist Visa”. It will mean that visitors can visit neighboring countries such as Laos, Malaysia, and Cambodia and then continue their holiday in Thailand.


What Do We Know?


Information is currently sketchy, but we do know that:


  • A Double Entry Tourist Visa will be introduced shortly
  • Two land borders at Nong Khai (border with Laos) and Sadao (border with Malaysia) will be open 24-hours for a three-month trial period
  • The number of VAT refund desk At Suvarnabhumi Airport will be increased


What is Being Speculated?


As with much of this type of news, until it is actually implemented a lot of it is hearsay. However, Kobsak Pootrakul, the deputy secretary-general to the prime minister, has confirmed that a variety of stimulus measures are under consideration. Here are some of the things that people are speculating on:

  • A Multiple Entry Tourist Visa becoming available in mid-2020
  • Applications for the visa can be made online
  • The time limit on the double-entry visa will be 90 days, although other reports suggest 180 days


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