The Knowledge of Life in the UK Test

How To Renew UK Passport in Thailand

If you are planning on returning to the UK on a full-time basis, your Thai wife will initially need to apply for a UK Spouse Visa which will allow her to remain in the UK for five years. After this period has elapsed, she will then be able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). To qualify, she will need to demonstrate, via an examination, that she is proficient in English and has knowledge day to day life in the UK.


Knowledge of Life in the UK Test


The test is regarded as being quite difficult, so it is suggested that she does do some revision regardless of how knowledgeable you both feel that she is. The test involves:


  • A multiple-choice exam
  • The is exam is done on a touch screen computer
  • It can only be taken at UKVI-approved test centers
  • Books can be purchased that give an indication of the test’s content


Who is required to take the test?


It is a mandatory test that must be taken by anyone applying ILR. The only people exempt are:

  • Those under the age of 18
  • Those over the age of 65
  • Anyone with a genuine medical reason why they cannot take the test


English language test


Before applying for the UK Spouse Visa, your Thai wife will have been required to pass an approved English language test. In most circumstances, this will have been the A1 English Test or IELTS. The certificates that she received will need to be shown again when she applies for ILR.


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