Obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa for Your Thai Girlfriend

Australian Tourist Visa for Your Thai Girlfriend

The process of applying for an Australian Tourist Visa for your Thai girlfriend can be quite daunting with the Australian immigration authorities deeming Thailand and Thais as being high-risk. There are two crucial factors that must be addressed for the application to be successful, the first being that your Thai girlfriend has sufficient access to funding and secondly, that she has an intention and reason to return to Thailand once the visa has expired.

How long will it take to process the visa?

As your girlfriend will be coming to Australia as a tourist, the only way that she can gain entry is with an Australian Tourist Visa. The process of applying can take as little as 10 days but we usually advise people to allow a month. Getting your Thai girlfriend a visa to Australia will take around 3 weeks. Once the visa is granted, your Thai girlfriend will only have 3 months to enter Australia so it is best to plan the most convenient time for both of you for her to visit and can plan the application around this. If she is in employment, it is obviously wise to speak to her employer as well beforehand.

Do Thai nationals need a visa to enter Australia?

All Thai nationals require a visa to enter Australia, visas can be single or multiple entry visas. Like many things in life, it is always wise to speak to a professional about applying for an Australian Tourist Visa for your Thai girlfriend. Here at Thai Visa Express, we have developed an excellent relationship with the Australian Embassy in Bangkok and this is certainly hugely beneficial when it comes to applying for these types of visa. We can help your Thai girlfriend to complete the application form, provide supplementary documentation and where necessary, provide professional translations.

We have members of our team who will be able to explain what is needed in both Thai and English so you both feel comfortable with the requirements. After the initial application for an Australian Tourist Visa has been submitted, your Thai girlfriend will need to attend what is known as “biometrics” at which point she will have her fingerprints taken and an iris scan. This is something that all Thai nationals are required to do prior to their application being accepted.

The initial visa will probably be granted for three months although it could be for 6, 9 or 12 months depending on circumstances. Visas that are granted for longer periods may require your Thai girlfriend to undergo a health check. There are several locations around the country where this can be conducted. We advise waiting for the visa application to be accepted before booking any flights. Also, it is better to provide too much information than not enough, so supply as much documentary evidence as possible to increase your chances of success.

So, if you would like Thai Visa Express to assist you with your Thai girlfriend’s application for an Australian Tourist Visa you can call our office in Sydney on 0408 112 111, our Pattaya office on 038 420 313, email us on info@thaivisaexpress.com or alternatively, you could contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and of being of greater assistance.

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