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What is a Thai marriage visa

 Many expats living in Thailand will be married to a Thai lady. Whilst this is the natural progression in any relationship, it will also open the door to the opportunity to be able to apply for a Thai Marriage Visa. However, the Thai Marriage Visa is notoriously hard to obtain and is most frequently required by those under the age of 50 who cannot apply for a Thai Retirement Visa.



What Does The Thai Marriage Visa Allow?


The Thai Marriage Visa allows holders to live in Thailand for one year with their Thai wives. The holder can apply for work and indeed obtain a work permit. The applicant must meet certain financial requirements that are outlined below. Here at Thai Visa Express, we can help you at every stage of the application process taking away much of the stress associated with such applications.


Who Can Apply For One?


The Thai Marriage Visa can be applied for by anyone who is legally married to a Thai national. The applicant must have THB400,000 in a Thai bank account and it must remain untouched for a minimum of 2 months prior to applying for the first marriage visa and 3 months for all subsequent renewals.


Alternatively, the applicant must show an income of THB40,000 per month and must be in the applicant’s personal income and not monies shared with his Thai wife. The sum must also be paid into the applicant’s own personal account and not a joint account. Foreign ladies married to a Thai man do not have any financial restrictions imposed on them.


Where do you apply for this visa?


You apply at the local Thai immigration office.


How Do I Start The Process?


Firstly, the applicant must apply for a 90-day Non-Immigrant Visa from a Thai consulate outside of the Kingdom as the standard 30-day visa cannot be converted. Naturally, there is the requirement to prove that you are legally married to a Thai National and that the relationship is a genuine one. In addition to providing your Thai wedding certificate, you will also need to show proof so income or that you have sufficient funds in a Thai bank account.


What Documents Are Required?


It is important that you have all your documents in order prior to make the application. This includes both your own and your Thai wife’s passport, your wife’s Thai ID card, a copy of the Tabian Baan, your Marriage Certificate, a hand-drawn map of where you live, a copy of any rental agreement of proof of owning a property and your Thai bank.


If you were married in the UK you will need to take your original marriage certificate to the British Embassy in Bangkok for it to be verified as genuine. After this process has been completed, you will need to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok to get it verified again which will then allow you to get the marriage registered at the local Amphur. Once the marriage has been registered in Thailand, you will be able to apply for your Thai Retirement Visa in the normal manner.


We Can Help!


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