Tourist Visa To Australia For Thai Girlfriend

A lot has been written about getting a  tourist visa to Australia for a Thai girlfriend some of it is interesting & useful bit some Australian visa information has been totally useless. Any visa application must be lodged with the correct documents & the correct visa application forms for the purpose of the trip form 1419 is the correct form for Australian tourist visas.



How To Apply For a Visa To Australia For My Thai Girlfriend?


You apply for Australian visas in Bangkok at the following address :




Australian Visa Application Center  The Trendy Office Building, 28th Floor

Sukhumvit Soi 13, Klongtoey-Nua

Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Site map click here remember you may have to book an appointment to lodge your Australian visa application in Bangkok.



What happens once the Australian Tourist Visa Is Issued ?


Your visa grant notice will generally give you 3 months to enter Australia – this means you will get 3 months visa on arrival in oz.



What Does Single Entry Mean?


This means you may only enter Australia on 1 occasion and you will be given 3 months visa on arrival or perhaps 6 months if you asked for a longer duration in Thailand.



What Does Condition 8503 Mean?


The 8503 (or No Further Stay) condition means:
That the holder of the visa on which the condition has been imposed will not, after entering Australia, be entitled to be granted any other visa1, while the holder remains in Australia. The effect of this visa condition is that it will not be possible for you to apply to remain in Australia beyond the authorised period of stay shown on your visa label.


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