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Thai Visa Express provides a document translation service in Pattaya, offering translation between Thai and English for various documents, certificates, and letters. Whether for official or personal correspondence, you can rely on us to accurately translate your copies. All translations are certified with a stamp to ensure their authenticity and accuracy. It’s essential to note that many embassies in Thailand mandate translations of Thai documents into English, making our service a necessary step for most cases.


At present, our translation service extends to most Asian languages, along with European translations into Thai. While we provide a 1-day express Thai translation service upon request, our standard processing time typically spans 3 working days from the receipt of your order to meeting the client’s needs. Additionally, we offer certification for various Thai documents if necessary, facilitated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand. Our staff will handle the transportation of Thai documents to Bangkok for stamping and authentication, with the processed documents returned within 5 working days.


Translation Service in Pattaya – 500 Baht Per Page


Our professional Thai document translation team is equipped to meet all of your translation needs, regardless of whether you’re utilizing our visa services. We’re delighted to assist with translating any documents you require. For most documents, we can send electronic copies promptly, with the original documents dispatched the following day via registered post.


We offer translation services for the following language pairs:

  • – English/Thai
  • Thai/English


Our 1-day Express service ensures swift translation turnaround, starting at 500 Baht per page for Thai to English translations. For a fixed fee quote, please contact us directly. All translated documents are accompanied by a certification stamp, ensuring their accuracy and authenticity, which is particularly crucial for legal or educational documents. Our document translations are commonly used for UK settlement visas and Australian partner visa applications. We provide worldwide postal services, and payments can be made via PayPal for your convenience.


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