UK Introduces Points System For To End Low Skilled Workers Coming to the UK

UK Immigration Points System

The British Government has been considering introducing an Australian style points system for some time with regards work visas. On 18 February 2020, Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed that the points system would come into effect from 1 January 2021, effectively putting an end to foreign workers coming to the UK and partaking in low skilled jobs, often seasonal jobs such as fruit picking.


What are the requirements?


From January 2021, any foreign national wishing to enter the UK on a UK Work Visa will need to score 70 points to be granted a visa. The points scoring system is as follows:

  1. Receiving a job offer from a Home Office approved sponsor – 20 points
  2. Accepting a job at an “appropriate skill level” – 20 points
  3. Being able to speak English – 10 points
  4. Salary of over £25,600 – 30 points
  5. Accepting a job where there is a shortage of UK labour – 20 points
  6. Having a PhD which is relevant to the job – 10 points
  7. Having a PhD in a relevant STEM subject – 20 points


How Will This Affect my Thai Girlfriend or Wife?


If your Thai girlfriend is coming to visit you in the UK on a UK Tourist Visa, she will be unaffected by the changes, even after 2021. It would appear that the same is the case for a Thai wife wishing to come and live in the UK on a UK Spouse Visa, although we are still awaiting final clarification on this. All the information received so far suggests that these two types of visa will remain unchanged.


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