UK Settlement Visa Refused In Thailand

UK Settlement Visa Refused In Thailand

Thai Wife Settlement Visa Refused?

The financial requirements for UK settlement visas were changed a couple of years ago, and in some ways, it is now easier to qualify as a UK sponsor, and in some ways, it’s more difficult. A sponsor, normally a spouse or partner now has to meet a financial threshold under Appendix FM-SE of the Immigration Rules. If you have been refused your UK settlement visa refused in Thailand please read this article all about settling in the UK.

It has become easier for some, in that the threshold for income is set at 18,600 GBP a year, whereas previously a sponsor had to show that he

could “adequately support” his applicant spouse and/or child. Of course, not everyone has an income of 18,600 GBP a year, and for them, it has become more difficult, if not impossible if they don’t have an income that meets the threshold. This is a matter of concern and discussion, as it seems that those who don’t meet the threshold are not entitled to bring a spouse, a partner, or their children to the UK to live with them.

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Entry Clearance Officers have no discretion at all in this, and if the sponsor’s income is 18,599 GBP a year, then the application must be refused. In addition, the financial requirements make no allowance for the sponsor’s outgoings, so a sponsor who has the required income but has outgoings of more than 18,600 GBP a year, will qualify. But the sponsor with an income of 18,599 GBP a year, who has no outgoings at all, will not.

What Are The New Spouse Visa Financial Requirements?

There are other ways to meet the threshold, either as an alternative to an annual income of 18,600 GBP or in addition to that income. For instance, the requirement can be met by savings alone, or by a combination of income and savings. Anil annual income requires savings of at least 62,500 GBP, and the savings must have been under the sponsor’s control for at least 6 months. Another way to meet the requirement is from property rental income, so there are alternatives to just an employment income.

While the requirement has become “simpler” for some it has become more difficult for those sponsors who are self- employed. Self-employed sponsors are now required to provide a considerable amount of paperwork, including tax returns, evidence of National Insurance contributions paid, etc, in order to prove that they meet the financial threshold. The requirements are also different for those self-employed sponsors who are “sole traders” and those who have limited companies.

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Fortunately, we specialise in the financial requirements for settlement visa applications. We understand the complicated Appendix FM-SE, and, since the introduction of these requirements in June 2012, we have not had any settlement visa applications refused on the grounds that a sponsor has not met the financial requirements. If you have been told that you do not meet the financial requirements, or if you have had a settlement visa application refused, then contact us, and we will see if there is anything that can be done.

There are, of course, other reasons that can cause a settlement application to fail, for instance, the Entry Clearance Officer might not be satisfied that it is a genuine relationship or the accommodation in the UK might be inadequate. Please contact us for a free consultation, and we may be able to help you with all of these different areas of the application.

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