UK Tourist Visa For Thai Girlfriend

UK Tourist Visa For Thai Girlfriend –  4 Ways To Make Her Feel Special !

If you’re in the midst of the application process for your  UK tourist visa for Thai girlfriend we know you’re counting down the days until you’re

1) Practice the language and learn the culture: One of the best things you can do while you wait to be reunited is to practice communicating with your Thai girlfriend. Study the language and the culture so you are familiar with what aspects of her time in the UK may be especially confusing or intimidating.

2) Allow her to plan some of the travel itinerary: Ask her what towns, historical landmarks or scenic spots she’d like to see while she is in the UK! It’s a great way for her to get to know you better as you can also share some of your favorite spots. Make time to take her to as many locations as possible and teach her about the significance or beauty of each place!

3) Create a personalized countdown: You can write her a brief note for each day you’re separated, create a webpage that counts down the days or plan a weekly movie date over Skype. Choose a countdown method that is unique and significant to the two of you!

4) Send surprise gifts: The way to any woman’s heart is through surprisingly small gestures. An unexpected delivery of flowers, handwritten letter, gift card to a new restaurant or simple message to say she is loved is all important ways to stay connected through distance.

UK Tourist Visa For Thai Girlfriend !

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