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UK Settlement Visa Application

UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement?


Financial requirements to settle in the UK. Since the introduction of these new rules which came into effect from 9 July 2012, the process of obtaining a UK marriage, Spouse, fiance visa and unmarried partner visa under the UK settlement category has become increasingly complex & confusing. Many UK based partners or sponsors, including British citizens and legal permanent residents, who seek to make a settlement application for their foreign partner, fiancée or spouse to join them in the UK are unable to satisfy the strict new financial requirements criteria set out by the UK Border Agency. These new immigration rules are forcing families to be torn apart and are currently under review awaiting a legal challenge. Every day we receive many calls asking us how do we meet the UK Spouse visa financial requirements?


Financial Requirements for UK spouse visa – what are they?


A quick look at the annual gross salaries needed to meet the UK threshold requirement is not sufficient enough to assume that a UK settlement visa application will be successful, as qualifying sponsors are required to submit a number of supporting documents to prove they meet the new financial requirements. We have had many instances in Bangkok Thailand where visa agents are submitting UK Settlement visas without actually being fully aware of how a sponsor must meet the new financial requirements. This has resulted in our Pattaya visa office seeing an influx of clients with visa refusals having used other visa services in Thailand.


Do You Meet The UK Visa Financial Requirements As A Sponsor?


MR Smith a UK-based sponsor has a Thai wife who requires a UK spouse visa, she also has two dependent children whom she has legal custody of. In this scenario, MR Smith must demonstrate he meets the financial requirements £18600  for his Thai spouse + £ 3800 for the first child and a further £2400 for each additional child giving him total earnings £24800 gross before tax to meet the new financial requirements.If he cannot meet the financial threshold he has the option to apply for his wife first & the children later this could bring further issues with sole responsibility in the future. His wife will have the option to work in the UK once she arrives & continue to support the children.


Spouse Visa UK  Financial Requirements Explained


  • Employed: I have been employed 6 months or more in the UK my salary exceeds the £18,600 gross requirement
  • Employed:  I have been employed overseas & will be returning with my spouse, fiancée to the UK to settle, I earn more than the £18,600 gross requirement & I will be returning to the UK with a job offer in writing which exceeds the requirements.
  • Employed: Self-employment in the UK for at least 12 months & I have all my accounts for the last 12 months: or I may take an average income over the last 2 years, this will meet the financial requirements.
  • Savings: I have £62,500 in savings which have been under my care & control for 6 months & are readily available; the funds have never gone below this amount for 6 months.
  • Pensions: My gross pensions exceed the minimum threshold per year.
  • Unemployed: I receive income from property rentals which exceeds the minimum income I will use these to meet the financial requirements.


All the above meet the new financial requirements Contact Us for further help & UK Immigration advice.


What About Non-Employment Income?


  • Rental income
  • Savings
  • Interest payments ( stocks shares )
  • Maternity payments
  • Maintenance payments


Exemptions To The UK Visa Financial Requirements?


  • Disability living allowance
  • Carers allowance
  • Severe disability
  • Industrial injuries
  • Attendance allowance
  • War pension


Be aware you still must meet the maintenance & accommodation requirements & will not need to apply for further public funds once you’re partner arrives in the UK.


Third-Party Financial Requirements Do You Qualify?


This is not an option however your parents can offer third-party accommodation, or they could gift you £62500 as long as it’s under your care and control for 6 months or more (in your bank).


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The UK Visa financial requirement for a  settlement visa application can be quite complicated and appear ambiguous. Contact one of our UK advisers they are fully aware of the rules & will give you a free assessment. Use our contact us forms or telephone us for a visa assessment Mr. Aslett will gladly give you an honest appraisal of your current financial situation & if you don’t meet the requirements he will advise accordingly.

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