UK Visa for A Thai National

UK Visa For A Thai National

Getting Your Thai Wife OR Girlfriend A Visa To the UK

Getting a UK visa for a Thai national can in some cases prove difficult. Before you embark on taking you’re Thai girlfriend to England ensure you cover  the visa basics & cover all the angles. Doing you’re homework & reading good information written by professional visa agents is a must, you would use a solicitor to buy a house in the UK so you should consider using a professional immigration consultant, not some Pattaya travel agent claiming hes a visa expert.

Top  Reasons Why UK Visitors Visas Get Declined In Thailand

  • Lack of supporting documents
  • You are unemployed
  • You have no real assets & ties to your host country
  • No evidence of accommodation on offer in the UK
  • You have failed to explain your current circumstances
  • No evidence of a relationship with your claimed sponsor
  • Insufficient funds you cannot meet the cost of the onward journey
  • No previous immigration travel history
  • Poor application preparation

Your partner would stand a good chance of getting a visa if she has a stable job or income, they will frown upon bar work as they may believe she is selling her body or she may be involved in prostitution. Other positives are dependent children, brothers & sisters, assets & ties such as land or a house. These are ties to Thailand & a positive reason for her to return home after her holiday in the UK.

Submission Of The visa UK Application – Biometrics & Fingerprints

  • Applications are submitted in person
  • Biometrics & fingerprints are taken
  • Visa fees are payable online
  • You must have a valid appointment
  • You may courier the application back to your home

What Supporting evidence Should The UK Sponsor Supply?

Getting a UK  visa for a Thai national what are the basic documents required or what is expected.

  • Passport copy
  • Financial evidence
  • Accommodation evidence
  • Call records
  • Photographs
  • Money transfers

All Of The Above Should Be Submitted As A Minimum Requirement

All of the above should be included being in a subsisting relationship is not a reason for refusal but it can help swing the eco decision your way if he or she thinks you may apply for a UK settlement visa at a later date. Dong the visa application will save you money however trying to address a UK visa refusal later on is far more difficult.

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