UK Visitor Visa For Thai Citizens – In 7 Easy Steps


UK visitor Visa – In 7 Easy steps For Thai Citizens


UK visitor visa – this is my experience, I am a registered UK immigration consultant with offices in the UK & Thailand. this blog aims to help you find the correct forms & information. Further information & general guidance can be found here about the UK visa process, the information we provide is general guidance only we are here to answer questions if you decide you need professional help visit our website.


If you want to apply for a UK visitor visa for your Thai wife, Thai girlfriend, having processed hundreds of UK visa applications successfully since 2005, we have broken this down into 7 easy steps to get a visa. You can hire a visa agent in Pattaya or do it yourself, if you choose that route then ensure they have an immigration background or are registered/previously registered with the OISC. These offer a no visa no fees service contact if they are reputable agents, they have no contacts at the embassy but they can save you a lot of work & money in the long term. It’s your choice whether to employ a visa agent or not read our general guidance visitor visa blog, this may help you to grasp the UK visitor visa basics.


What do we need – UK Visitor visa general guidance?


Most visa applications we see are poorly presented if you read below this is the general minimum guidance. Long gone are the day’s visas were issued because you have a partner in the UK


  1. A  reason to return is the main issue most Thai citizens get refused a UK Visa.
  2. Your ability to provide information about your personal circumstances in Thailand.
  3. Evidence of property, land, real employment that actually exists should be provided.
  4. Evidence of strong family ties should be included.
  5.  A UK visa application form was correctly completed & signed.
  6. All documents must be translated
  7. Home address / Home address/Property deed / mortgage statements / tenancy agreements / accountant’s/letters / land registration


To be fair, if you met your partner last month on a 1-week holiday to Thailand and are now trying to get her/him back to the UK for 6 months, then forget it most applicants who meet farangs work in bars in Pattaya & Bangkok. Because you are loved up it means zero the embassy are not interested.


Let’s look at the basic criteria first guys, considerations!


Minimum documents 7 information for a general UK visitor visa application as follows.


  • Applicants background
  • Immigration history
  • Dependents (children)
  • Age of applicant
  • Accommodation in the UK
  • Sponsors details
  • Length of visit


The sponsor cannot guarantee the applicant 100 %, a big house, thousands of pounds in the bank help. but this application is about a strong reason to return after the trip.


Step 1 – Set up an account here – apply for a UK Visitor Visa


You will need a valid email address for this.


Step 2 – Once you’ve set up your account,


You’re good to go. You can autosave this and return it later, insert the correct information.


Step 3 – Sign off the form & make an appointment.


The new forms are electronically signed off.


Step 3 –  Pay the visa application fees


Show the receipt to security at VFS, UK visitor visas generally take 30 minutes to submit.


Step 4 – Print off the valid visa application form & appointment.


You must take this to VFS Bangkok with the UK visitor visa checklist form.


Step 5 – Print off the visa checklist add the information.


You must take this to VFS Bangkok with the UK visitor visa application form.


Step 6 – Add supporting documents, here are the general guidance documents you must provide.


Your passport must be valid for your visit to the UK


It must be in good condition and have at least one page blank on both sides. If you have had a UK visa before, but this is in an old passport, send in both of your passports.


Forged documents


You must insert what documents you are providing, do not forge any documents this may lead to a 10-year ban from the UK.


To evidence employment


  • letter from employer / payslips / tax returns/business registration documents/ business bank account statements


Money (either income or savings)


  • Bank statements / bank books / bank letter / balance certificate / tax returns / crop receipt


Documents showing that another person can pay for your visit


Bank statements of the person paying for your visit or other


Evidence of assets


Documents showing that you own property or land, such as Property deed/mortgage statements/accountant’s letters/registration


Additional information


Documents showing your marital status, such as Marriage certificate / civil partnership certificate/divorce certificate/spouse
or partner’s death certificate.


Step 7  – Go to vfs on application day


You must attend the VFS UK visa application center, they will take your bio-metrics & forward this onto the visa section in Bangkok.

That’s it you’re good to go now toy can either collect in person or pay the visa courier fee of 300 THB.


VFS Bangkok – where is this place?


Trendy Office Building, 28th Floor,, Sukhumvit Road Soi 13,, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana,, Bangkok, 10110, THAILAND.

The closest station is Nana BTS get off here & ask for directions it’s only 130 meters away from the station.

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