What Are The Requirements For a UK Tourist Visa?

What Are The Requirements For a UK Tourist Visa?

The UK Tourist Visa is the perfect visa if you are thinking of taking your Thai girlfriend back to the UK for a short visit. It will allow her to get to see the UK, meet your friends and family and be accustomed to the British way of life. Although it is easier to obtain than a long-term visa, there are still some things that you must consider.


It is important to understand that the person who is applying for the UK Tourist Visa is the only person the UKVI are interested in. The applicant must:

  • Prove that they will leave the UK when the visit is finished
  • Be able to support themselves in the UK
  • Have means to be able to pay for their return home or onward journey
  • Have somewhere suitable to stay during their visit

Required Documents

The applicant must be able to present the following:

  • Have a valid passport with at least 12 months remaining and two available pages
  • Proof that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself. It can include bank statements or proof of income from an employer
  • If a third-party is supporting you, they will need to provide the necessary financial information and prove your relationship
  • Evidence of travel dates
  • Details of where you will be staying
  • Your parent’s name and date of birth
  • Details of your income

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