What is a TM 30?

What is a TM 30?

The TM30 has been making the headlines in Thailand recently, but how many people know what it? The TM 30 is a form that must be completed by is you have a foreign national staying at your property and submitted to the local immigration department. The ruling is not new but is now being enforced at the request of Interpol and international police forces. The intention is to stop Thailand from being a bolt hole for criminals.


Who is required to register?


In the past, anyone with less than four rooms available for rent didn’t need to complete the form. However, that has now been altered to ensure that ALL foreigners are registered. The OWNER of the property (in the case of condos or houses) must register the foreigner within 24-hours of their arrival. In hotels and guesthouses, it would be the owner or manager. Failure to do so will result in a fine of THB1,600.

Although it is the responsibility of the landlord to register the tenant, the tenant may encounter problems at immigration if they are not registered. The officer may request that they prove where they have been for the previous 90 days. Landlords can easily register tenants and guests online, so this is highly recommended.


Other Ways to Register Tenants and Guests


Unfortunately, the online registration system is often down so you may want to look at the alternatives if/when such an event materialises. Luckily, there are still two alternative options available.

  1. Register in Person (Landlord)

The landlord can complete the required TM Form by downloading and submitting it to the local immigration department. It is the responsibility of the landlord to get all the details from the tenant before it is submitted.

  1. Register in Person (Tenant)

The tenant can also register that they are tenants/guests at the property. The tenant can then download a proxy form stating that they have been permitted by the landlord to submit the notice on their behalf. Once again, this needs to be submitted to the local immigration department.

It should be noted that EVERY foreign person needs to be registered. This means that if a family is staying, everyone, including children, need to be included, and not just the head of the household buy viagra new Zealand online.


Do I Need to do Anything Else?


If you do not stay anywhere else (even for one night) then you won’t need to register. It means that if a hotel has registered you, then you need to be registered at your primary location on your return. Once again, this must be submitted with 24-hours.


More Information

If you would like more information regarding the TM 30 and what information is required you can contact us here.


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