What Should You Expect to Get From a Relationship with a Thai Girl?

What Should You Expect to Get From a Relationship with a Thai Girl?

Just like any relationship, a relationship with a Thai girl will have its ups and downs. Due to cultural differences, their upbringing, and their education, the vast majority of Thai girls are very different from women that you will meet in the west. Here are some of the typical traits of Thai girls.


The Pros


  • They will be loving and attentive. If you show them love and respect you will get it back three-fold
  • They have a similar sense of humor to the English
  • Thais enjoy traveling and see new things
  • Your Thai girlfriend would probably like to visit the UK – see UK Tourist Visa
  • Thai girls can be very supportive and loyal if treated well


The Cons


  • A Thai girlfriend can be tempestuous, moody and jealous!
  • You will never be her number one priority, that will always be her “real” family
  • Asians, in general, are very money orientated
  • Saving face is very important, so they tend to lie about even the smallest things
  • Misunderstandings are widespread although your Thai girlfriend may go into a rage without listening to reason!


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