What Visa Does My Thai Girlfriend Need to Visit Me in the UK?

What Visa Does My Thai Girlfriend Need to Visit Me in the UK?

If you are based in the UK, but you want your Thai girlfriend to come and visit you in the UK, she will need to obtain a UK Tourist Visa. The most important thing to remember about this form of visa is that it is your Thai girlfriend that is making the application and not you. The British Embassy in Bangkok are only interested in her and will need to be confident that she will have no problems while in the UK and that she will return to Thailand once her visa expires.

What are the requirements for a UK Tourist Visa?

  • Your Thai girlfriend must be able to support herself while in the UK
  • She must have reason to come back to the UK
  • She must have the means to return to Thailand after her visa expires
  • The application should be made no more than three months before the intended travel date
  • She must have a valid Thai passport

How long can she stay in the UK?

Although the visa is usually granted for one year, your Thai girlfriend will only be allowed to stay in the UK for a maximum of six months in any given 12 month period.

What can’t she do in the UK?

  • Gain access to public funds
  • Have a job either paid or otherwise
  • Be entitled to free NHS healthcare

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