What You Need to Know About Isaan Girls

What You Need to Know About Isaan Girls

Of all the four regions in Thailand, the people from Isaan are the most transient and likely to move in search of work. Isaan girls tend to be a hot topic of discussion in bars and on ex-pat forums; the good, the bad, and the ugly—everyone seems to have an opinion. In reality, how much do you know about people from Isaan other than what you have heard from someone in a bar or read on a Thai Visa Forum?


Common Prejudices – The Facts and The Fiction


  • Family: The family will always come first. For most Thai people, this will be true and is a central part of Thai culture, as well as many other cultures in Asia.
  • Money—it’s always about money. It isn’t always the case, but it will depend on where you met your Isaan girl. If you met her in a bar, remember that her job is all about getting money from foreigners. If she worked at another job, she probably wouldn’t be so money-oriented.
  • The Isaan girls will take care of you. Thai girls, in general, are very good at looking after their men if the man treats them well and looks after them.
  • Liars: Losing face plays a large part in Thai culture, and Thais will go to great lengths not to lose face. It often includes lying, although not always for the same reasons that people lie in the West.
  • Open-Minded: Isaan girls are always open to new experiences and are not quick to judge people. They are also prepared to travel and would love to visit the UK.
  • Loyal: Isaan girls can be very loyal, but you need to treat them well first.


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