Why do they keep building so many hotels in Pattaya?

Why do they keep building so many hotels in Pattaya?

Travelling around Pattaya, it’s impossible to overlook the considerable surge in construction activity. Primarily, this entails the erection of numerous new hotels across the area. However, a pertinent question echoes among residents: why the sudden influx of hotel construction? Indeed, Pattaya already boasts a surplus of hotels, with numerous establishments often lamenting low occupancy rates and resorting to price reductions to attract guests.


The hotels in Pattaya have been primarily targeting the Russian and Chinese markets in recent years. However, with fewer Chinese visitors expected to come to Thailand this year, the focus seems to have shifted towards the Indian market, as per the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). This shift suggests that hotels will be catering to large tour groups from India. Consequently, these hotels are likely to position themselves as mid-range establishments. However, the question arises: will there be a sufficient number of tourists to fill these rooms?


To provide some context, Pattaya currently boasts approximately 325 hotels with around 45,000 hotel rooms available. In 2018, Pattaya welcomed approximately 14 million visitors. Given these figures, it remains to be seen whether the influx of hotels targeting the Indian market can effectively fill the available rooms, especially considering the fluctuations in tourist arrivals from different countries.For long-term residents of Pattaya, the recent surge in tourist numbers could be the tipping point in their decision to return to their home country.


The exact number of condominiums in Pattaya may vary over time due to ongoing construction and development. However, Pattaya is known for its extensive condominium market, with thousands of condominium units spread across the city. It’s difficult to provide an exact figure without up-to-date data, but Pattaya’s condominium market is significant and continues to grow to meet the demand from residents and investors.


As of my last update, Pattaya’s population was estimated to be around 320,000 to 350,000 people. However, this figure can vary due to factors such as migration, tourism, and urban development. It’s essential to note that Pattaya is a popular destination for both tourists and expatriates, and its population can fluctuate significantly throughout the year.


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