Why Do They Keep Building So Many Hotels in Pattaya?

If you have been traveling around Pattaya, you can’t help but notice that there is once again an incredible amount of construction work taking place. The vast majority of this is new hotels being built, but the question on many residents’ lips is, why? Pattaya has an abundance of hotels already, many of which are frequently heard complaining about under-occupancy and needing to lower prices to fill rooms.


Who are the hotels targeting?


In recent years the hotels in Pattaya have been targeting the Russian and Chinese markets. However, with fewer Chinese coming to Thailand this year than expected, the emphasis now seems to have shifted to the Indian market, at least according to TAT. Effectively, this means that they will be looking to get large tour groups so they will be mid-range hotels but are there going to be enough people?

  • There are approximately 325 hotels in Pattaya
  • There are about 45,000 hotel rooms available
  • There were approximately 14 million visitors in Pattaya in 2018


All too much for you?


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