Why Doesn’t My Thailand Girlfriend Like to Video Call Me After 7pm?

MY Thai girlfriend

Thai girls do tend to have some quirks; some are entirely innocent, while others may not be. If you are living in a different country to your Thai girlfriend, it is natural that you will be worried about what she is doing while you not there. Is your girlfriend where she says she is or is she back working in the bar? Some girls can be trusted while others can’t.


Not accepting calls in the evening time


It could be quite innocent, but if she doesn’t want you to know where she is, there is a good chance that she is somewhere where you would approve. Alternatively, she could be working in a 7 Eleven or a restaurant, and she can’t have her phone with her while she is working – perfectly reasonable. If she has told you that she is working in either of these places or something similar, she is probably telling the truth. Otherwise, sadly, the chances are slim.


Eliminate doubt


If you simply don’t trust your Thai girlfriend, why not take her to the UK to visit you. One, you will know where she is, but two it may give her a completely new outlook on your relationship. You could take her to the UK on a UK Tourist Visa, and she would be able to:

  • Stay for up to six months
  • Meet your friends and family
  • Start to understand things from a more western perspective


These factors alone may mean that you can trust her more and may also result in her changing her ways if she has slipped back into old habits and started working in the bar again.


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