12 Important Thai Phrases

Thai Phrases

If you visit any country in the world, knowing some of the languages will certainly help you. In Bangkok and other tourist areas, the level of English spoken is reasonable but if you go into the provinces, the amount of English spoken is minimal at best. Speaking some Thai be seen favorably by locals and will demonstrate that you are willing to integrate with them. Here are 12 phrases that will help you get by.

  • Hello: Sawadee khrap/ka – NB Khrap is for males and ka for females
  • Thank you: Khop kun khrap/ka
  • How are you?: Sabai dee mai?
  • I’m fine: Sabai dee
  • I’m not well: Mai sabai
  • Sorry: Kah Tort Khrap/ka
  • No problem: Mai pben rai
  • Can you speak English levitra cijena?: Kun poot paa saa angrit dai mai?
  • What is your name?: Khun choo aria?
  • My name is ___: Pŏm / Chán chuu __. NB Pom is male and Chan is female
  • Where are you from?: Khun ma cak hin?
  • I am from England: Pŏm / Chán ma cak Angkrit


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