A Guide To UK Settlement Visas : Getting Your Wife A UK Settlement Visa


A guide to UK  settlement visas love may be able to move mountains but it will never change the laws of immigration. getting your Thai wife to the UK can be a daunting task for any applicant applying to settle in the UK from Thailand.

Imagining touching UK soil with prospects of a lovely future, only to watch your beautiful Thai wife get shipped back because she entered visa less and immigration wouldn’t let her through. Rules and rules and your wife needs a UK Settlement Visa to enter the country.


The paper trail of documents, signatures, and notaries may seem like an endless marathon. But you can short-cut the search by following this guide and knowing exactly what you need.

First, the documents – How To get a Settlement Visa From Thailand


Both of you need valid passports, passport photos of legal size, and approved marriage documents. There may be other things such as medical records and evidence of funds.

New financial requirements have made acquiring the UK settlement visa more difficult. Individuals going at it alone have a steep chance of success, but it is possible. With help, your odds are a lot better.

Other UK Visa Requirements


As a sponsor, you must either be a British citizen or a legal resident eligible to permanently reside in the UK. It also means you have sufficient funds to support and house your wife in suitable conditions. There are visa fees too, but the price depends on many factors.Also, your wife must speak English. A lot of applicants who want UK settlement must take a test proving their proficiency. The test isn’t free so add that to the cost.

A guide to UK Settlement Visas – Documents required


  • A1 Test
  • x – rays for TB testing
  • Accommodation in the UK
  • Meeting the new financial requirements
  • Is the relationship subsisting
  • Online visa application form
  • appendix forms
Your Thai Wife’s Visa Application


With a UK settlement Visa, your wife can stay two and a half years before it needs to be renewed. She can also apply for permanent settlement after she has spent a number of years in the UK and fulfilled a number of requirements.

But that’s far off in the future. What’s important is ensuring your wife can enter and legally live in the UK. Our staff work with the British Embassy every day; we are fluent in the laws and requirements, up-to-date on changes, and can make your hopes a reality far quicker and with a better chance than someone applying on their own.


Meeting the new financial requirements – Appendix forms 


Documents you must provide – UK Settlement visa mandatory documents


Knowledge of English –  meeting the language requirements


Apply to remain in the UK with family – exceptions 


So don’t take any chances in trying to sneak your wife past immigration laws – instead, let us do our job. Contact us today and get professional help before your wife ever boards a plane, that way it’s promised she gets through.

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