Does Your Thai Wife Qualify For A UK Settlement Visa

Does Your Thai Wife Qualify for a UK Settlement Visa

Does Your Thai Wife Qualify for a UK Settlement Visa? Many times when getting ready to apply for a UK Settlement Visa, couples focus solely on the foreign spouse. In reality, both partners are required to meet a number of conditions for the foreign spouse to be granted a settlement visa. Here is a list of conditions that must be considered by both spouses. We have the relevant experience and expertise to get your Thai wife a UK visa from Thailand.


  • A sponsor must be present and settled: Your Thai wife requires an eligible sponsor to apply for a UK settlement visa. To be an eligible sponsor you must have no restrictions on your stay. This means that you must be either a British citizen (by birth, descent, or through naturalization) or a UK legal permanent resident.  A legal permanent resident either has indefinite leave to remain or be a right of abode holder. If you are living abroad at the time of your Thai wife’s application, you must declare your intention to return to the UK at or before the time your wife will arrive to the UK.
  • The marriage must be valid: You and your wife must be legally married. The marriage will only be recognized under UK law if it is valid under Thai law.
  • You and your wife must both be of ageYou and your wife must both be 18 years or older on the date of arrival to the UK
  • The marriage must be genuine: As a couple, you must demonstrate that the marriage is genuine and ongoing to a UKBA immigration official.
  • Financial support and accommodation: You as the sponsor must be able to support your spouse and all dependents without the need of public funds. Your must also be able to provide suitable living arrangements.
  • Your Thai wife must speak English: The overwhelming majority of visa applicant are required to pass an English language test before applying for a UK settlement visa. You and your wife will be required to pay for the test.


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In addition to these basic requirements, there may also be local requirements, such as medical testing, depending on your application. Contact us for assistance in filing for a UK settlement visa. Our experienced staff is ready to assist with all your UK visa needs

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