UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement


UK spouse visa financial requirement, If you need to apply for a spouse visa for a non-EEA national spouse to enter the UK, whether you are coming from Thailand or other nations, a maintenance funds requirement has been added to the visa application. This is a relatively new and controversial change put into place in 2012. You need to have a full understanding of what is required before you begin the application process, whether you are applying yourself or on behalf of your spouse that is based outside of the UK. This will assist you in the process and make the final acceptance of your application more likely.

UK Spouse Visa Applications – Apply In Thailand?


It all comes down to proof that the couple involved in the application process has at least £18,600 in available funds in the form of a minimal, gross annual income. This amount is larger for any spouse that also has children. When taking into consideration annual income, it is based on the income of the UK resident. The only way that the non-UK resident’s income would be considered is if he or she already has a work visa in the UK and can show proof of income. It should be noted that third-party financial sponsorship is not allowed for any UK settlement visa.

Understanding the Basis for a UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirement


The UK government has established the UK spouse visa financial requirement to make sure that the addition of a foreign spouse will not cause an overwhelming strain on the UK citizen. While the amount of the UK spouse visa financial requirement may seem extreme, additional income through savings or a second job can be considered in order to have proof of an adequate income.

Ask Questions Before Applying For A United Kingdom Visa


Before getting involved in a rather complex application process, there are many resources to make things go more smoothly. Free, online sites provide advice and savings calculators to assist applicants in determining if they have enough savings to add that figure to their annual income. For those who meet the income requirement with ease, the process is not as difficult. Be sure to take great care with filling in all details on the UK spouse visa financial requirement and the remainder of the application. This will ensure that there are fewer problems with the application, its acceptance, and allowing a non-EEA national spouse to enter the UK.UK visa Financial requirements. Since the introduction of these new rules which came into effect from 9 July 2012, the process of obtaining a UK marriage, Spouse, fiance visa, and unmarried partner visa under the UK settlement category has become increasingly complex & confusing.


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