Thai Girlfriend & Dating: Beauty And The Farang

UK holiday visa for Thai national

Thai Girlfriend & Dating: Beauty And The Farang


Thai girlfriend & dating if you’re engaged to a Thai girl you already know there are several unique aspects that come with merging two very different cultures. As you begin planning your lives together here are three key decisions you’ll need to make for your future. If you haven’t already discussed them they are the perfect topics for conversation while you eagerly await her visa!


1) Where will you make your home? One of the most obvious things to consider is where, as a couple, you will make your permanent home. Factors that will impact your decision include the location of jobs, responsibility to other family members (such as caring for aging parents), financial resources of both partners and future plans for children, education, and retirement.


2) What language will you primarily speak? While your living location will help determine your primary language it’s still important to consider what language you will speak in your home and, especially, what language you will emphasize with future children (should you desire them).


3) What cultural aspects will you observe from both of your individual cultures? One of the beautiful things about merging cultures is the chance to create your own unique, cultural traditions in your home. Spend time discussing the special holiday traditions, religious rituals, favorite cultural foods and symbols and anything else that you would like to see remain in your home.


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