Dating A Thai Girl – Tips On Dating Thais !

Four Tips for Navigating the Cultural Differences in your Dating Relationship with your Thai Girlfriend

Dating a Thai girl you’ve probably already experienced an array of linguistic, cultural and other differences that make your relationship unique. Here are four things to help you in your dating relationship that will assist you in navigating the cultural differences and keep you two progressing smoothly on your own unique road to love.

Dating A Thai Girl – 4- Tips  On Dating Thais!

1) Patience is key: When you’re learning anything new, and especially when you’re taking the time to learn the unique language, expectations and customs of your Thai girlfriend’s culture it’s crucial to remember that patience is key. You won’t learn all the expected ways of communication overnight and you can’t possibly understand an entirely different culture in the first weeks or months of dating. However, you can laugh together and be patient with each other as you continue to learn about one another’s personal histories

2) Ask questions: One of the best ways to learn is to ask questions. Ask about family roles, dating customs, and beliefs. It will communicate your interest in your girlfriend and help to educate you about her background.

3) Do your research: Read books or watch movies about the rich history of the Thai people. This ornate, artistic culture is fascinating to learn about and will give you much to discuss with your girlfriend.

4) Simplify communication: If there is a significant language barrier between you and your girlfriend a short-term investment in a translator may be helpful – whether it’s a person or a computer program it will simplify the communication process especially as you discuss detailed things like her travel arrangements. Taking the time to learn basic Thai phrases will also be an important part of deepening your relationship as it will allow you to communicate in her native language and express your interest in her culture.

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