Does My Thai Girlfriend Love Me?

Thai girlfriend love me

Thai girlfriend relationship issues


I have been with my Thai girlfriend for almost 12 months and I am considering taking her to visit the UK on a UK Tourist Visa.  However, I want to know “Does my Thai girlfriend love me?” Although I am based in Thailand, I am frequently required to travel to other parts of Asia and I am never 100% certain that I trust her. I often get sent pictures of her in a room which could quite frankly be anywhere and although she tells me that she loves me, she seems to forget about me as soon as I am out of the country.


How long can a person from Thailand stay in the UK?


The British embassy in Bangkok will take notice if you apply too frequently. A UK Tourist visa for a Thai is available as a 6 month, 1 year, 2 years and 5 years, a 10-year visa is available but please be aware that you can only spend any 6 months period in any one year in the UK.


I support her and her son each month so I am not convinced that she stays with me because of love but rather for the financial aspect of the relationship. I think that taking my Thai girlfriend back to the UK for a short break will give me more of an indication. I have heard so many horror stories over the years that I always have niggling doubts when I am away. When we are together she is warm and loving but I would like to feel that this isn’t an act and her feelings are genuine.

Family Life. Many Thai families consist of parents and children, and often grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and cousins will live in the same house. It is common in Thailand to have both parents work and be responsible for the family. All the younger families are expected to take care of the older family members, most Thai citizens send money home to support the Thai family.


My contract with the company comes to an end in 2 years and I would consider marrying my Thai girlfriend and taking her back to the UK permanently. Again, this comes down to whether my Thai girlfriend does actually love me. My parents are getting older so the idea of them coming to Thailand to a wedding is out of the question. Ideally, I would like to get married in the UK but I know that this will require a Visa but the question always boils down to “Does my Thai girlfriend love me?”

Can I get married on a visitor visa?

A UK tourist visa or visitor visa cannot be used to get married. However, you can now apply for special permission to marry, and subject to home office approval you can marry whilst on a visitors visa. Although if you are planning to stay on after your marriage, you will have to go through a separate process of immigration and return to your home country to apply to settle in the UK.


My friends and work colleagues all have doubts about her feelings as we row quite a lot. I met her in a bar and as she was the main cashier, I had to wait a long time before I could “buy her out”. During this time she was frequently drunk and often used to say that she was going to places and disappear for hours on end. If I do take my Thai girlfriend back to the UK, I want to be confident that she is doing it because she wants to be with me rather than use it as an excuse to meet other men whilst in the UK.


I would appreciate your advice!


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