Does Pattaya Still Hold the Same Attraction for Western Tourists?

Pattaya baht bus

If you have read any of the usual forums in Thailand, you will no doubt have seen that this high season is expected to be one of the worst ever. Most ex-pats and regular or long-term tourists will have noticed that many bars and restaurants are closing and several ex-pats are being forced to return to their home countries.



What are the main reasons for the stay-aways?


  • The strength of the Thai Baht – other places are cheaper
  • Prices have also risen in Thai Baht
  • A feeling that westerners aren’t wanted
  • Harder to obtain visas
  • A demographic shift in the visitors
  • Some of the old attractions are no longer available


What will be the long-term impact?


The developers still seem to be confident that Pattaya has a great future ahead, and this includes western tourists. There was arguably a saturation of bars and restaurants, so with several closing, there will be more customers for those that remain. As with anything, only the strongest will survive, so this will be to the benefit of consumers.


What about ex-pats who can’t afford for things to improve?


Sadly, many ex-pats can no longer afford to live in Pattaya with several being forced to leave the country or return home. Unfortunately, this can mean that families can become separated. If you are from the UK, you could consider taking your Thai girlfriend or wife back to the UK with you on either a UK Tourist Visa or a UK Spouse Visa respectively.


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