Has my Thai Girlfriend really gone back “up country”?

Has my Thai Girlfriend really gone back “up country”?

Is my Thai girlfriend truly back “up country”? I’m reflecting on a situation I’m currently facing. My Thai girlfriend claims she’s returned “up country,” meaning her hometown in Buriram. We’ve been together for about 5 years, but I only visit Thailand on holiday twice a year for two weeks each time. Whenever I meet her in Pattaya, where we first met, she insists that it’s easier for me. However, when we’re there, she seems to know everyone and doesn’t give the impression of just returning.


I’ve heard similar stories from many people: their Thai girlfriends aren’t where they claim to be, and all video calls seem to originate from a room that could be anywhere. The photos she sends of her “upcountry” appear outdated, despite her insistence that they were taken that day. I provide her with a monthly salary as she requests, and I often assist when her family encounters problems. While I aspire to marry her one day and bring her to the UK, I’m uncertain if I can trust this Thai woman or if all Thai bargirls exhibit similar behaviour.


As it stands, my plan is to bring this Thai girl back to the UK to assess how we fare over an extended period. My Thai girlfriend’s English proficiency is excellent, so I have no doubts about her ability to adapt. However, I am concerned that she may become bored during the times when I am at work. While I would love for her to experience the UK as a holiday and explore more of the country, I understand that I need to work to support both of us.


The Plan


Having perused informative websites like the one provided by Thai Visa Express, I’ve gained a clear understanding of the steps required to bring my Thai girlfriend to the UK. This prospect offers me greater peace of mind and alleviates my stress levels. While I am confident in meeting the financial criteria, my main concern lies in proving the authenticity of our relationship and her intention to return to Thailand after her visa expires. Despite her background as a Thai bar girl and the loss of all photos due to my phone mishap a few months ago, I am committed to making this happen.


The Conclusion


My eagerness to bring my Thai girlfriend to the UK on a UK tourist visa has motivated me to explore every avenue. Thankfully, following a friend’s recommendation, I connected with Paul at Thai Visa Express, and it now appears that this aspiration is within reach. I am impressed with their exceptional service and consider it excellent value for money. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone in a similar situation. Now, I eagerly await her arrival.


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