Has my Thai Girlfriend really gone back “up country”?

Has my Thai Girlfriend really gone back “up country”?

Has my Thai Girlfriend really gone back “up country”?I just wanted to recall a situation I am currently going through. My Thai girlfriend says that she has moved back “up country” which means to her home in Buriram. We have been together for around 5 years but I only come to Thailand on holiday twice a year for two weeks. Each time I meet her in Pattaya, the place that I originally met her, as she says that this is easier for me. However, when we are there she seems to know everyone there and certainly doesn’t give the impression that she has only just come back.

I hear many people tell me similar stories that their Thai girlfriends aren’t where they say they are and all video calls are from a room which could be anywhere. The photos that she sends of her “up country” are old although she swears that she has taken them that day. I send her a monthly salary as she requested and I frequently help out when her family has problems. I would like to marry her one day and take her to the UK but I am not sure if I can trust this Thai lady or if all Thai bargirls are the same.

As it stands, my plan is to take this Thai girl back to the UK to see how we get along for a longer period. My Thai girlfriend’s English is very good so I don’t doubt that she will have no problem adapting I am just concerned that she will be bored when I am at work. Obviously, I would like it to be a holiday for her and I know that she would like to get out and see more of the UK but I need to work in order to support the both of us.

The Plan

I have been reading some very informative websites such as this one from Thai Visa Express that has given me a clear picture of what I need to do to bring my Thai girlfriend over to the UK. This is something that would give me more peace of mind and reduce my stress levels. I can meet the financial criteria but my concern is proving our relationship and her intention to return to Thailand after her visa has expired. She has always worked as a Thai bar girl and she has deleted all photos of us whilst I lost all mine when I lost my phone a few months ago.

The Conclusion

I was so keen to bring my Thai girlfriend to the UK on a UK Tourist Visa that I would do almost anything that I can to make this happen. Luckily, I spoke with Paul at Thai Visa Express after a recommendation from a friend and it now seems that it is possible and that this is actually going to happen. I found their service superb and excellent value for money and I would recommend them to anyone. I am just waiting for her to arrive.

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