How can I get an Australian Tourist Visa for my Thai girlfriend?

How can I get an Australian Tourist Visa for my Thai girlfriend?

Regardless of where you come from, an Australian tourist visa can be hard to obtain and this is certainly true for some Thai citizens as they deemed to be high-risk travelers. Initially, the applicant – your Thai girlfriend, will need to complete a Tourist Stream Visa Form 1419 and then this will need to be submitted to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok in conjunction with some supporting documents. This can be quite a stressful time and all documentation must be correct so it is wise to use the services of a professional visa company.

It is common practice for the Australian authorities to the only issue a three-month Australian Tourist visa with a ‘No Further Stay Condition’ for your Thai girlfriend on her first visit. However, this may be very dependent on your Thai girlfriend’s circumstances and she could possibly be issued with a three, six, nine or twelve-month visa. It is important that the applicant proves that she is a genuine visitor to Australia, in other words, she is only going for a holiday and is traveling for the purpose of leisure only. Proof must also be given showing that the visa applicant has every intention of returning to Thailand once or before the visa has expired. Supply as much information as is possible as this will enhance your chances of the application being accepted – this includes proof of her financial position and that she has enough money to support herself whilst in Australia.

Although the application process can take as little as ten days, it is always advisable to allow a month. Any missing or incorrect documentation will delay the process and could lead to the application for an Australian Tourist Visa for your Thai girlfriend falling at the first hurdle. Thai Visa Express can help to ensure that everything is in order an won’t charge a consultancy fee until your application for an Australian Tourist Visa has been accepted.

As part of our service, we will advise you on which visa you will require, help her complete the application forms, as well as supplying all the correct documentation including covering letters. We deal with the Australian Embassy on a regular basis and have built up an excellent rapport, something that very few visa companies can claim. This is obviously hugely beneficial when it comes to applying for the Australian Tourist Visa as we know exactly what is required and who we can ask for assistance.

So, if you would like Thai Visa Express to assist you with your Thai girlfriend’s application for an Australian Tourist Visa you could call our office in Sydney on 0408 112 111, our Pattaya office on 038 420 313, email us on or alternatively, you could contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and of being of greater assistance.

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