Your Guide To Having A Thai Girlfriend

Your Guide To Having A Thai Girlfriend

Your Guide To Having A Thai Girlfriend. Thai girlfriends are on the whole great but almost all have their quirks. There are some huge cultural differences between those from the west and Thai ladies. If you are in a new relationship, we have put a short guide together about having a Thai girlfriend. This should give you more of an idea about what they want and what they expect from you.

  1. They want to play the feminine role in the relationship

One of the big differences between Thai girls and western girls is that they want to express their feminine side. They don’t wish to have the western view of equality pushed upon them. It is likely that she will expect you to always drive, that she takes care of your food – even in a restaurant, and that you are taken care of in all other manners. In return, she will want to be treated with respect and appreciation for taking on the feminine role.

  1. Don’t be shy with your money

All ladies regardless of their culture like to have money spent on them but remember in most Asian cultures it is expected. You don’t have to be ‘flash with your cash’ but being a ‘kee nee ow’ (tight-fisted) will certainly not endear yourself to your Thai girlfriend. This is more of a cultural thing than pure greed in most cases and is often misunderstood.

  1. Say how you feel

There are a number of reasons why you should get to the point with your girlfriend. The first is that English is not her first language so long explanations or talking in riddles is likely to confuse her. Also, again due to culture, it is likely that she will want you to be more dominant and take control of the situation.

  1. Show interest in your Thai girlfriend’s family

The family plays a very important role in Thai culture and asking about her family is showing her respect. Not only does it show respect but it is also polite to ask. Asking about parents and her children are considered to be the norm.

  1. Never mention other ladies

No lady regardless of their nationality likes discussing other ladies and, of course, your Thai girlfriend will be no different. If this is done in public it may also lead to ‘loss of face’ which is hugely embarrassing in Thai culture. Once again, this is just about being respectful and understanding her feelings.

  1. Understand Thai culture

Thais are naturally very proud of their country and their culture. Having some appreciation of Buddhism and what Thais may find offensive is important. Remember, we may do things that we never think about but to your Thai girlfriend, it is hugely disrespectful. She will no doubt want to show you places of interest so look interested. You may wish to take your Thai girlfriend to the UK in the future and you would expect her to show an interest in your life too.

  1. Stay humble

Finally, always try to remain humble in all situations and leave your ego at home The more humble you are, the more she will appreciate you.

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