How Much Should I Send My Thai Girlfriend Each Month?

How Much Should I Send My Thai Girlfriend Each Month?

A topic that many people always want to answer is how much money they should send their Thai girlfriend each month. Obviously, everyone’s circumstances are different, and it will depend on if you live in Thailand or overseas, what your girlfriend does for work, and, of course, how much you can afford. It is perhaps this last point that is most important, as we often hear stories about men living in hardship because they send far more money than they can realistically afford.


Living in Thailand


If you are living and working in Thailand and your Thai girlfriend is of typical working age and does work, many people think that between THB 10,000 and THB 25,000 is sufficient. It is based on the assumption that you will be paying all the bills. If you are working and she is not, this amount can be infinitely higher and should reflect how much she could earn if she were working, and yes, this does include working in a bar on Walking Street if that was her previous profession.


If you are retired in Thailand and have a Thai girlfriend of a similar age, you would be expected to “help” her. The chances are she is only supporting herself, so her outgoings will be lower. Nevertheless, she still needs to feel secure and have money to live a reasonable life. It is crucial that she also take into account that you are now retired and don’t have the income that perhaps you once had. If your Thai girlfriend is significantly younger, again, the sky is the limit for the amount that she may demand.


Living Overseas


If you spend most of your time living overseas and visit your girlfriend a couple of times a year, perhaps on a UK tourist visa, the figure will depend on two main factors. These are: where she lives; and how much you can afford. Obviously, we are all experiencing harder economic times at the moment, and the amount that is sent should reflect this. Some people send THB 5,000 a month, while others send significantly more. If your girlfriend is living “in the village,” THB 15,000 is a sensible starting point. However, there have been a lot of changes in Thailand in recent years, and most Thai citizens need a minimum of 25000 THB a month to live on.


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