How Much Should I Send My Thai Girlfriend Each Month?

How Much Should I Send My Thai Girlfriend Each Month?

A topic that many people always want to answer is how much money they should send their Thai girlfriend each month. Obviously, everyone’s circumstances are different, and it will depend on if you live in Thailand or overseas, what your girlfriend does for work, and, of course, how much you can afford. It is perhaps this last point that is most important, as we often hear stories about men living in hardship because they send far more money than they can realistically afford.


Deciding how much to send your Thai girlfriend each month depends on various factors, including your financial situation, your girlfriend’s needs, and the nature of your relationship. Here are some considerations to help you determine an appropriate amount:


1. **Financial Capability:** Consider your own financial situation and how much you can afford to send without causing financial strain. It’s important to prioritise your own financial stability and responsibilities.


2. **Girlfriend’s Needs:** Take into account your girlfriend’s living expenses, including rent, utilities, food, transportation, and any other essential costs. Discuss her financial needs openly and determine a reasonable amount based on her requirements.


3. **Relationship Dynamics:** Consider the nature of your relationship and whether financial support is necessary or expected. Some couples may choose to share expenses equally, while others may have one partner providing financial support.


4. **Local Cost of Living:** Keep in mind the cost of living in your girlfriend’s area of Thailand. Expenses may vary depending on whether she lives in a rural or urban area.


5. **Communication and Agreement:** Communicate openly with your girlfriend about financial matters and come to an agreement on how much support you will provide each month. Transparency and mutual understanding are key to maintaining a healthy relationship.


What if I live in Thailand ?


1. **Living and Working in Thailand:** If you are both living and working in Thailand and your girlfriend is also employed, a monthly allowance between THB 10,000 and THB 25,000 may be sufficient, assuming that you are covering shared expenses. However, if your girlfriend is not working and you are the sole breadwinner, the amount may need to be higher to cover her living expenses. This could include additional expenses if she previously worked in a profession with higher earnings potential, such as in a bar on Walking Street.


2. **Retired in Thailand:** If you are retired in Thailand and have a Thai girlfriend of a similar age, you may be expected to provide financial support. The amount will depend on your retirement income and your girlfriend’s financial needs. If she is financially independent, the allowance may be lower, but it should still be sufficient to ensure her security and comfort. It’s essential to consider your reduced income in retirement when determining the amount to send.


3. **Significant Age Difference:** If there is a significant age difference between you and your Thai girlfriend, she may have higher financial expectations, especially if you are older and financially stable. In such cases, the amount of financial support may be higher to accommodate her lifestyle preferences and needs.


**Living Overseas **


When living overseas and visiting your girlfriend a few times a year, the amount you send her each month depends on several factors, primarily her location and your financial capability. Here’s how to determine an appropriate amount:


1. **Location:** Consider where your girlfriend lives in Thailand. Living costs vary greatly depending on whether she resides in a rural village or a city. If she lives in a village where expenses are generally lower, a monthly allowance of around THB 15,000 may be reasonable to cover her basic needs. However, if she lives in an urban area where living costs are higher, she may require a larger allowance, potentially starting at THB 25,000 per month.


2. **Financial Capability:** Assess your own financial situation and determine how much you can afford to send each month. Factor in your living expenses, travel costs, and any other financial commitments you may have. It’s essential to send an amount that you can comfortably afford without causing financial strain on yourself.


3. **Economic Conditions:** Take into account the current economic conditions, especially considering any financial challenges you may be facing due to the global economic situation. Adjust the amount you send accordingly to ensure that it remains sustainable for the long term.


4. **Minimum Living Expenses:** Keep in mind that most Thai citizens require a minimum of THB 25,000 per month to cover basic living expenses. While this amount may vary depending on individual circumstances and location, it serves as a useful benchmark for determining the adequacy of the allowance you provide.


Ultimately, the amount you send your girlfriend should be based on mutual agreement, open communication, and consideration of her living expenses and your financial capabilities. Regular reassessment of the allowance may be necessary to ensure that it remains sufficient to meet her needs and maintain a healthy relationship.


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