How to get your Thai girlfriend an Australian Tourist Visa

How to get your Thai girlfriend an Australian Tourist Visa

How to get your Thai girlfriend an Australian Tourist Visa. If you have been in a relationship with your Thai girlfriend for any length of time, the chances are that you will want to take her for a holiday back to Australia. Assuming that your Thai lady is your girlfriend and that you are not legally married, the only way that this can be done is with an Australian Tourist Visa. The application process can be quite complex with Thai nationals being classed as high-risk but if you use the services of a professional company and your Thai girlfriend has no criminal record there is no reason why her application will not be successful.

It should go without saying that the application should be fully completed and all information provided should be accurate and truthful. Indeed, failure to do this is one of the main reasons why an application for an Australian visitors visa often fails. A visa can be granted for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months but the first visa is normally for an initial 3 month period. This will almost certainly be the case is your Thai girlfriend has not traveled overseas on a regular basis before.

When it comes to applying for the Australian Tourist Visa for your Thai girlfriend there are three main criteria that must be satisfied. The first is that your Thai girlfriend has a genuine intention of leaving the country once or before her visa has expired, and secondly, that she has sufficient access to funding whilst in Australia, and finally that she is a genuine visitor. This could be via sponsorship or from her own funding but either way documentary evidence will need to be produced and if you are acting as her sponsor, you will need to prove that the relationship is genuine.

FAQ – about Australian Visitors visas

What if my Thai girlfriend is unemployed can she still apply?

A. Yes, being unemployed should not be an obstacle to getting a visa.

Are  Australian tourist visa multiple entry?

A. Yes, but only if you apply or granted a multiple entry visa.

Can you work on a tourist visa in Australia?

A. No, you may study bit you are not allowed to work

Can I get married while on a tourist visa in Australia?

A. Yes, you can marry, but you will need to provide evidence that you are free to mary – marry in Australia on a temporary visa

How can we help?

As a professional visa consultancy company, here at Thai Visa Express we will guide your Thai girlfriend through the entire application process. We would always recommend that you supply as much information as possible as this will greatly increase the chances of your application being accepted. As part of our service, we will assist with any translations that are required, advise on the interview process and where necessary, act as an escort for your Thai girlfriend at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok with whom we have an excellent rapport. So, if you would like Thai Visa Express to assist you with your Thai girlfriend’s application for an Australian Tourist Visa you can call our office in Sydney on 0408 112 111, our Pattaya office on 038 420 313, email us on or alternatively, you could contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and of being of greater assistance.

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