Indefinite leave to remain – (ILR) settle in the UK permanently

Indefinite Leave To Remain In The UK -Settle in the UK permanently (ILR)

For most visa applicants, Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is their last hurdle in their UK Settlement Visa process. After the Indefinite Leave to Remain is received there will be no further need to apply for extensions of stays (FLR) or any further visa applications. The applicant will also become eligible for UK citizenship, and eventually a British Passport. Immigration policy in the UK is being reviewed constantly and new tighter controls are being implemented on a regular basis and many ILR applicants are concerned that their ILR application could be rejected. We hope with this brief outline of Indefinite Leave to Remain we may be able to give some insight and understanding of the subject before an application is submitted.

Does settling mean you can stay in the UK without anytime restrictions?


Indefinite Leave to Remain is commonly referred to as Settlement. In other words, it is the permanent resident status of the UK. It allows the holder to reside and take up employment within the UK for an indefinite amount of time. Acquiring ILR and permanent resident status in the UK is needed before an applicant can apply for UK Citizenship. It also is a move closer to being able to receive a UK passport.

How can Thai Visa Express help?


Thai Visa Express is a team of professional immigration consultants who are always ready to assist you with your indefinite leave to remain application in Thailand. You will be assigned a designated caseworker who will give you a free initial consultation, and further advice as well as completing the visa application forms and appendix documents. We have over 15 years of experience dealing with UK visas & immigration on a daily basis


What’s included in this service?


  • Initial review of your immigration case
  • Completion of all the online immigration forms
  • All covering letters of support
  • All translations of the relevant documents
  • Submission of the visa application
  • On-going visa support up until your application has been decided by UKVI
  • All cases are taken on a no win no professional fees basis
What’s the earliest you can apply to settle?


The earliest you can apply to settle in the UK (called ‘indefinite leave to remain’) is after you’ve lived in the country for 5 years continuously with permission to stay (‘leave to remain’) as a partner. You cannot count any permission to stay in the UK as a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner.


  • A brief outline of the most common requirements for Indefinite Leave to Remain applications that lead to Permanent Residency are as follows:
  • The calculation of your continued residency in the UK.
  • The successful completion of the Life in the UK test (KOLL Test).
  • A CEFR English Language test pass to level B1.
Is indefinite leave to remain the same as permanent residence?


Permanent Residence, Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), and settled in the UK basically mean the same thing.

When can we apply for an extension of stay?


Applicants can only apply 28 days prior to the ending of the Further Leave to Remain date which is indicated on the applicant’s BRP card issued with their previous FLR application. Applicants can apply for indefinite leave to remain in two ways. First by post which can take up to six months to be processed, or applicants can book a personal appointment at a UKVI service center for an additional charge for a decision on the day.

What are the current visa processing times?


Postal applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain can take up to six months to be processed and completed, during which time you will need to surrender your passport. For the 5 days priority service and 24-hour super priority service, the service standard will start when you submit your biometrics

Once you get indefinite leave how long can you stay outside the UK?


You can lose your indefinite leave to remain if you have been outside the UK for 2 years or more since you got it.

When can you apply for Citizenship – a British passport?


You’ll usually be able to apply for citizenship if you’re over 18 and have had one of the following for 12 months:


  • indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • ‘settled status’ (also known as ‘indefinite leave to remain under the EU Settlement Scheme’)
  • indefinite leave to enter the UK (permission to move to the UK permanently from abroad)
  • What is further leave to remain


You will not need to wait 12 months to apply if you’re married to a British citizen.  Do you qualify to settle in the UK, more about settling? 


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