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Irish tourist visa, Ireland visa applications, if you’re considering an Ireland visa for your Thai Wife or Thai girlfriend to join you in the Republic of Ireland then choosing your visa agent is one of the most challenging decisions you may ever have to make. Thai Visa Express is a professional visa agent with many years of experience in processing on behalf of clients successful visa applications to many countries throughout the world.

We have an unblemished track record in achieving Thai visas to Ireland on behalf of our clients since Thai visa Express was founded in 2005. All Our Thai Visa To Ireland  Are Taken on a No Visa No Agents Fees guaranteed you just pay a small deposit we do the rest for you. the Irish tourist visa is different from a UK visitor visa as it is stamped on entry by the garda.


Why use Thai Visa Express – Visa Service


  • 15-year experience
  • No visa no agents fees
  • 10,000 deposit only
  • We pay the visa fee
  •  Submit on your behalf
  • Completion of all the immigration forms
  • Letters of support
  • English & Thai office
  • Registered immigration consultant

Applying for an Irish tourist visa to  Ireland or dealing with a refusal yourself can be a frustrating experience. Utilizing the services of Thai Visa Express takes the stress out of the process and obviously, it does increase the chance of success. The Embassy worldwide is always changing their respective immigration policies to reflect the different circumstances within each country.

We stay ahead of our competitors by keeping our English & Thai speaking colleagues up to date and well trained. Thai Visa Express Immigration consultants are trained to deliver exceptional visa services in a professional and prompt manner. We match your needs to meet the pre-requisites of the embassy, so as to avoid your application being refused or undergoing any unnecessary delays. We are so confident in our Thai to Ireland Visa area of expertise we guarantee to refund any service fee paid to us on a no visa no fee basis.


Irish Tourist Visa For Thai National


Every client is significant and important to us at Thai Visa Express and our paramount objective is your peace of mind, Client satisfaction really is our number one priority. At Thai visa express we believe we put customers at the very heart of our business. We value all our customers, and we are extremely proud that you have selected our company to work for you and obtain a Thai visa to Ireland.


Background To The Ireland Visa


There are currently 26 European Union countries in the Schengen Area, 26 countries share a common visa policy-please see our Schengen Visa Thailand page for further details regarding Schengen visas. If a person receives a Schengen Visa for any of the above-mentioned states, he/she will be able to travel freely to all of the 26 participating countries without the need for acquiring individual visas.

However, two EU member states — Ireland and the United Kingdom — are not part of the Schengen Area, instead of operating a travel zone known as the Common Travel Area. The two countries each operate separate visa policies which are different from that of Schengen further details about Schengen visas can be found Schengen Visa Service Thailand.


Update To Irish Visa Rules


Irish short-stay visa waiver for Thai citizens holding UK visas further details can be found here   Irish Visa Update.

Important, please take note – it, therefore, means that if your Thai Wife or Thai Girlfriend has a UK visa it now means she can get automatic entry into Ireland, your Thai Wife or Girlfriend will now not need a short term visa to Ireland if she holds a valid UK Visa.

Useful link – Common travel area –

Types of Ireland Visa There are two different types categorized as ‘classes’ of the Ireland visa, at Thai Visa Express we can help you successfully achieve the following classes of the Ireland visa for your Thai Wife or Thai Girlfriend.


Thai  Visa To Ireland Tourist Visa


Short-stay visa (Type “C”) – “C” visas are issued for a short-term trip only, usually for the purpose of tourism, visiting family, business meetings, or conferences. The maximum duration for which the Immigration Officer will allow you to remain in the State with a C visa is 90 days. This visa is issued for one, two, or several visits. Its period of validity varies. It allows stays that do not exceed three months over a six-month period.


Thai Ireland Settlement visa


Long-term national visa (Type “D”) -This visa is required for applicants who wish to stay longer than 90 days for the purpose of permanent migration to Ireland with their Thai wife or Thai Girlfriend.

Useful link, Ireland Visa Policy:


Our fully-managed Thailand Ireland Visa service at Thai Visa Express includes:   


  • Booking the visa or immigration appointment (where necessary)
  • Making sure that you have the correct application forms
  • Provide you with an up to date document checklist
  • Arranging the collection of your application and supporting documents
  • Checking, copying, and preparing your application for submission to the Embassy
  • Getting your application accepted, paid for, and lodged with the embassy – on time
  • Collecting your visa from the embassy
  • Returning your passport + visa + all supporting documents back to you
  • Arranging certified translations of all Thai documents as required by the relevant Embassy
  • Providing the required mandatory return flight reservation (not confirmed booking)
  • Providing the required level of travel insurance as required under the Schengen agreement with an Embassy recognised insurance company
  • No Visa No Agents fees guaranteed


For Thai Visa Express, a well-prepared Ireland tourist application or Ireland settlement visa application gives you a better chance of acquiring the visa you require. Let us help you reach your immigration goals. Contact us for a free visa assessment today

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