Meet Thai Women Online

Meet Thai Women Online – Tips & Pitfalls

How to Meet Thai Women Online – Thailand has a long history of ordinary Western men like you and me traveling there in order to meet the lady of their dreams. While this was traditionally a mail-order bride business, the Internet has made it much easier to for Western men and Thai ladies to find their true life partner.There are lots of online dating sites where you can chat to and email Asian women. Some specialize in finding Thai partners for Western men whereas others like have ladies from many different countries. Most dating sites are free to sign up to, so you can have a look and see if you think you’ll be able to find the beautiful lady of your dreams. Many Thai ladies on dating sites have limited English skills, so they often use a translator to help them with the communications. Bear this in mind if you are communicating with your lady – some translators are better than others.

 Here’s a useful step-by-step process to finding the Thai lady of your dreams:

  • Sign up to one or two dating sites like Thai Darling, Thai Matches, Thai Love Links Asian or Thai Kisses.
  • Write your dating profile, and maybe upload one or two photos of yourself.
  • Browse the lady profiles and try to get some idea of what kind of lady you are looking for.
  • Continue checking the lady profiles and build a shortlist of the ones you are interested in.
  • Some dating sites will allow ladies to contact you. While this is nice for the ego, bear in mind that the ladies may not actually be a good match for you at all!
  • Contact the ladies you are interested in.

Meet Thai Women Online – Thai Girls Dating

In the first few communications try to find out about the lady’s family situation, whether she is OK with moving to your country (if that is what you want), and see what kinds of things she is interested in. If you find yourself getting on well with a lady, try to move beyond letter writing. It’s useful to see her on webcam. Even though she may not speak much English you can at least establish that she looks vaguely like her profile pictures.

A good way of verifying that she’s a genuine lady and not a scammer is to send her a small gift, then ask her to send you a photo of her holding the gift (or see it on webcam). After 2-3 months of communication if you’re still getting on well it might be a good idea to start planning a trip to Thailand to meet her!

Asian chat rooms are another possibility of meeting Thai women online. Chat rooms tend to attract Thai ladies with at least a basic knowledge of English, which makes the language barrier a little easier to overcome.

Thai Dating Agencies

An alternative to using an online dating website is to use an introduction agency. There are many Introduction Agencies based in Thailand. Many of them are run by Western men who have married Thai ladies, so they are ideally positioned for helping men realize their dream of finding a loving Thai wife. While introduction agencies usually have large fees, these fees include helping you to find a suitable lady, help with arranging a marriage as well as help with getting a visa arranged so that your lady can join you in your own country. When compared to doing things yourself, these fees are pretty reasonable. An introduction agency will also be much more likely to have an effective screening process to weed out scam ladies and other unsuitable ladies.

Avoiding Thai Ladies Scams

Sadly there are quite a few Internet scam artists operating in the online dating scene. The problem is generally worst on sites where ladies can sign up for free. Don’t assume that big sites are free of scammers either – it’s just that the scammers are much more sophisticated on this site.

Most dating scams involve a lady attempting to get money from a man, or his personal details like his bank account number. Never send large amounts of money to someone you’ve never met (and even if you’ve met her, be very cautious!) Be particularly wary of stories about sick family members, as well as requests for money via Western Union.

The other scam is ladies looking for a Western passport or looking to get a visa to Australia or the UK . This is more difficult these days as immigration authorities are much stricter about marriages between their citizens and partners from developing countries. Scammers can also be hard to detect, but trust in your male intuition (does she really love you?), don’t marry someone much younger than yourself and you should be OK. Mature Thai ladies are well worth considering.

Finally, there are a lot of stories about Western men moving to Thailand and being bumped off by their new wives, so be extremely careful if you have plans to retire to Thailand!

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