Pension Income Letter

Pension Income Letter

**Pension Income Letter Service**


Are you in need of a pension income letter for visa purposes? Look no further! Thai Visa Express offers a convenient solution to obtain your pension income letters from the British Embassy in Bangkok for just 3,500 baht.


**No Need to Travel to Bangkok – We Handle Everything**


Living upcountry? No problem! Simply send your documents directly to us via post or email at For return postage via EMS registered post, add an additional 100 Thai baht.


The Consular Section of the British Embassy Bangkok can issue a standard letter addressed to Thai Immigration confirming your pension or income, supporting the renewal or extension of your retirement visa. Please note that while this letter meets Thai requirements, the approval of your visa remains at the discretion of Thai Immigration authorities.


Many expatriates use the pension income letter to apply for their retirement or marriage visa, demonstrating compliance with the income requirements.


**Convenient Collection**


We visit the British Embassy in Bangkok every Wednesday to facilitate the processing of pension income letters. Simply visit our offices or send your documents by Tuesday afternoon to ensure processing. Afterward, your income letter will be ready for collection after 3 PM on Monday afternoon.


**Documents Required:**


1. Copy of your passport
2. Evidence of your current income from pensions or other sources
3. A local Thai address
4. Income information checklist


**Turnaround Time:**

Approximately 7 working days.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or need assistance with the application process.


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Contact our Pattaya visa office today so we can answer your questions regarding your pension income letter via email or call 0801022328. We open from 10 am -5 pm Mon – Friday.

“We regret to inform you that we have discontinued this service as pension letters are no longer issued.”

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